Hand Quilt Along and Slow Stitching Sunday.

Good Sunday Afternoon!  The weather is certainly not winter time anymore here in South Texas.  I certainly hope that we do not jump into them lovely beginnings of another drought and hot summer.  Time will tell.  I am linking to Hand Quilt Along and Slow Stitching Sunday!

I have begun the New Year this month, and am working diligently getting 3 UFO quilts sewn together into a quilt top!  I have just finished Ms Potts (at least all I am going to make from that pattern) and it really feels good to have completed it.  When I first started the quilt I had decided to make it with some Moda Reds and Greens, and add other colors, and throw in a few Batiks.  Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) was doing a BOM with this pattern for members.  I already had the pattern for a few years but never started it.  I believe around last September I decided I had enough of Ms Potts (this is a very large Reproduction quilt and all hand Appliquéd).  I had completed 15 blocks, but only used 13 because it is set on point.   My quilt measures 43” x 43”  with 10” blocks.

Margaret Potts Quilt Made from 1851 – 1858 Started in Lewisburg PA and completed in Yocumtown, York County, PA. The full quilt measures 96” x 96”.

I have also finished Block 6 of Sweet Stitches – WHEW!  I am taking a break from black embroidery thread for now! I will finish the remaining 6 before summer (I hope).

In addition, all 105 of my Mini Dresden’s for Dresden Heaven are now complete.  Only 16 larger Dresden’s left to make and then the hand work starts.  All will be hand appliqued to a background block!  EXCITING HUH?

In my next post (I promise) I will reveal my list of projects for 2018!  Some are Pipe Dreams, others are doable.  I  still have a few patterns left to sell if interested.  See my 13 February 2018 post and contact me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM.  

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29 Replies to “Hand Quilt Along and Slow Stitching Sunday.”

  1. The Potts blocks are very pretty and well done. I think I have that pattern. I did not remember that you were working on blocks from it.


  2. All three of these projects are so inspiring to me! Ms. Potts is so crisp, I hope my appliqué gets that nice some day, and of course those Dresdens will always be some of my all time favorites. The embroidery block is really quite dramatic with all that black and the one spot of color, I need to look that up. I learn just by looking at your beautiful work, Nanette!


    1. Why Thank you Kathy, I have to laugh when I look at my first block. I really thought I was something! LOL. Then after a year I realized that anything to do with quilting requires a 1/8” stitch! – even embroidery! Thank you again. It is a 2014 (I THINK) BOM from Kathy Schmitz. I ordered another one of hers – Snowmen and want to do that in Red – wonder if I will get tired of Red.

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    1. Thank you Lori, you need to come to Texas and I can give you lessons. Heck we need to have Cathy come also – she can teach us how to knit! I do believe I am back on a roll and going to catch up on the UFO’s this year! Hope all is well. Hugs


  3. Your Mrs. Potts quilt looks fabulous – I really love that red background pulling out the various reds in the squares. I can see how you might need a break from black embroidery floss for a bit! Are the other blocks mostly in black as well? And your little Dresdens look so darn cute. I can only imagine all the hand work ahead of you on that project. You have your plate full! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. It was the red in the quilt that caught my eye and drove me to the Moda Marble collection I have! I think it made the quilt really pop. The Sweet Stitches are all done in black. Hopefully the remaining 6 will go faster and I can put the top together. Love those baby Dresdens Yup lots of applique projects going on around here – Now to get that long arm loaded and the Z44 loaded with some small quilts. I have not hand quilted since 2014 and really need to get back to it. Thx for commenting – come back next time!

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  4. Love your Sweet Stitches black work. The small Dresden’ s are wonderful. What a lot of work you have put into them. I know how you feel on the applique. Just finished my penultimate block on my Applique Quilt. Your Ms Potts looks lovely and I’m sure you will love it. I have enjoyed visiting your blog.


    1. Thank you so much for the nice comments. I do like the Ms Potts but did not care to make the complete quilt. Please come back, as I will probably be doing more posting than last year! The Dresden quilt will really be something when I finish it – hopefully by the end of the year!


  5. Wow you have really made fabulous progress!! Look at you with a completed top!!! Now to quilt and bind that beauty. Your teenie, tiny Dresdens are amazing!! I’m looking forward to watching it grow into a completed quilt!


    1. It feels so good to make this progress with my UFO’s and projects. I was so surprised about how Ms Potts turned out. It will be hand quilted – hopefully this year. I think the Dresden and Ms Potts may be completed this year. Depends if the hands hold out. Thx for commenting.


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