Organized at Last! A good start on 2018!

My New Year started in early February.  I am a very organized quilter but organization went out the window in December and January due to the Flu and a knee problem.   So I knew there were things I needed to do before I would continue on with my 2018 goals.  I wanted to clean my computer desk drawers, go through my patterns and give some away, back up my PC, sew 3 UFOs together, make a list of projects for 2018 and beyond, and reduce any clutter in my two rooms!  I have now finished and am now organized and ready to enjoy stitching again without looking at stacks of books that all want to be ‘next’ in line!

I had stacks of “quilt patterns” that I wanted to make but knew that it would be impossible to accomplish that goal!  I have now gone through all my patterns and pulled the ones that I knew I would never make and sent out 3 “surprise” packages to 3 quilting friends.  The patterns have never been used, and I knew that they would be well received.  I then put the remainder of the patterns on my 13 Feb 2018 post for sale!  I still have some left and if interested, email me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM.

My main goal is to finish any UFO’s that are hanging around before I start working on Mountmellick and start quilting the backlog of quilt tops that are begging to be quilted!   I went through my patterns that I feel I can work on this year, and make a dent in the quilts that need to be quilted!   All of this took time, but I have narrowed my list and will post it in another post.

Before I started on Mountmellick, I was determined to finish all 105 Mini Dresden’s for Dresden Heaven!  And I did it!  Each stack below has 5 of each color for this quilt.  I have now put them away for a while.  Next step will be to cut 105 background blocks and applique the Mini’s on them.  Then I have 16 large Dresden’s to make and ‘maybe’ I will be finished with this quilt during the summer or Fall.

I have been working on Sweet Stitches and this block took me way too long to finish!  I realized that I am sick of the black thread on this project and will pick it up later in the year.  The fence was a bear to do!  BORING!

When I pulled all of my quilts out of the closet and put them on the new Quilt Rack, I found a quilt that I had made in 2005 but still not quilted.  I had just purchased my Handi Quilter in 2005 and this quilt had been entered in the New Braunfels, Texas quilt show.   I did not have enough time to hand quilt it so I quilted it on my new Handi Quilter – what a dum idea!  After I had finished the quilting, I checked the back only to find nothing but thread nests!  The tension was not right (stupid beginner’s mistake).  It took Clay and I 3 days to rip out all the tiny little circles that I had quilted.

I had to withdraw the quilt from the show and had planned to hand quilt it sometime.  Can you believe this quilt has been in “storage” that long and still has the holes from the original stitching.  I purchased the Grace Z44 last year only to have it also sit idle.  So I am now going to remove the basting and try to load it on the frame and start quilting it.  It will be a good test of how well the carpal tunnel surgeries turned out!  This is a Piece o’Cake pattern, Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I was so disappointed that I had to withdraw the quilt as it was the first Quilt show I had ever entered!


I did learn one thing in making this quilt, I have never used the blue marking pen again for marking my applique.  I tried to remove the blue markings and now there are 2 blocks that caused the fabric to bleed!  It is too late to redo it as I am just ready to get it finished!  13 years is long enough!  LOL

All in all, I am now organized and have my 2018 “to do” list ready to post and clear out the UFO’s!  I work so much better in this type of environment.  I have to thank Rosemary Youngs who started cleaning out things in her sewing room that she no longer uses!

Have a wonderful week-end of stitching.

21 Replies to “Organized at Last! A good start on 2018!”

    1. I think the fence got me – LOL. This is a BOM from Kathy Schmitz a few years back. I have 6 more blocks and will probably start on #7 next month. The rest of them went fast! Thx for commenting.


  1. I really like the blackwork embroidery, but I do understand the need to set it aside for now. Sometimes one just needs a little time to back off and get a new perspective for later. And you know, I am in love with those little dresdens!

    I could use some of your energy to get organized around here…always nice to get the clutter out and get motivated to be creative again!


    1. I have to laugh because when I worked my desk could become cluttered, BUT I knew where everything was. But at home everything had its place. In quilting, I was becoming overwhelmed because I kept collecting patterns but going no where with any of them. It feels good to come out to the Studio in the mornings and look around and not see a large stack of patterns/books of “oh I want to do that” ! Now I have a guide to keep me going and staying on my goals!

      Have a great week-end and thx for commenting.


  2. I like the black stitching also. It is nice to get going on UFOs. I don’t know where to start here sooo I have not started. The room where I sew is getting alittle messy. I like your quilt rack that you posted. It’s raining here so I should start something. I enjoy seeing your projects.


    1. Rosemary Youngs started out her year giving away it selling unused quilting things. It motivated me to do the same and it is such a good feeling to only have my 2018 projects in my “to do” file tray and not a 12” high of what’s next! Enjoy the rain, I am hoping that this week we get that weather here. We are in drought again!!!!! Take care and hope all is well there.


  3. I’m envious that you are so focused on these tasks. All of your projects look great, but I am really fond of the Dresden. I can’t wait to see it assembled.


  4. 105 Dresdens is a bunch!
    I get bored with one color floss designs too. I like the look but not nearly as fun to stitch.


    1. Yup but glad I stuck with it and finished them! I did not think that would happen. I will pick the project up again soon. I want to finish Nesting and 2 Stonefields (one’s that I do not like).
      Have a great day!


  5. II did the big clean out about four years ago. It sure feels good to not have all of the old “stuff” just taking up space. Mountmellick is my next project. I can’t wait, but have to finish Sarah Morrel, Wick Hollow, and Harrison Rose first… busy, busy!


    1. I really needed to go through all my patterns and scraps, UFO’s, and 2018 projects. I still could probably clean out some more drawers, but am stopping so I can get back to Mountmellick! I am ready for the 2nd border – the one after the little circles! Thank you for commenting and have a great weekend.


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