My New Quilt Rack

Good evening from South Texas where the changes hour by hour!  I have needed a quilt rack for my quilts for a long LONG time!  Clay decided that he would build me one and what a dream quilt rack he built!  You can see how sturdy it is in this picture.  It is made from Pinewood and is 5’ by 5’.  He is quite the builder.  The little girl in the picture is our granddaughter Alexa who is an extremely talented Artist living in Italy.  We are all proud of her.

And here are my quilts that have a new home.  These are my Show Quilts.  There are only 2 that I did not enter into a show.    It is so nice to be able to have them hanging altogether.  On the wall on the right, There is a picture of Clay in his SAFD Uniform when he was young, and below that is a picture of me when I was 17!

In late December Clay purchased an 1950 Kenmore sewing machine for his leather projects.  Being the Engineer he is this machine has been totally remade the machine to accommodate his preference.  It amazes me how he can take something like this sewing machine and improve it to suit his preferences.

The Kenmore when it arrived!
The original motor
A nice stand for the Kenmore
See all the buttons – these are controls that he added, changed the motor and added the nice light! What a great Kenmore now!

I still have some patterns left for sale – check out my 13 February 2018 post.  Email me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM if you are interested in purchasing one.  


14 Replies to “My New Quilt Rack”

    1. He is a keeper. I have never seen such a man that can take something and make it better, fix anything, come up with a better mousetrap. I am very spoiled because he does so much and loves working on a project. He has really done some unbelievable work on that little Kenmore! Enjoy your quilting today!


    1. Why thank you so very much! We are both perfectionists, but when we married in 1996 and I witnessed his creativity, I knew in retirement I had better obtain a hobby and learn to be good at it to keep up with him! LOL Have a great week-end.


  1. The quilt rack and base for the Kenmore are wonderful. I love that the quilt rack is a generous size and it’s sturdy. You have a real treasure. Nice work Clay!


    1. Yup, blessed with having Clay. Grew up together living 2 blocks from each other, never dated, and he found me in Sterling VA in June 1996, called me, came for a visit, and we married in August, and I moved back to Texas. 22 years and it has been a blessed gift!


  2. The rack displays quite a few quilts. My husband was never one interested in building things.
    Love that shiny sewing machine.


    1. It is so nice to be able to walk by the quilts and remember the hard work I did. I am trying to get back to that. He has amazed me on what he has done to that machine. It is in pristine condition – He is a builder and innovator. He has built telescopes, guitars, does silver jewelry and many other things. All self taught – just has the mind for it. He is Choctaw!


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