OMG – February 2018

OMG Goals for February:

— Finish sewing ALL Mini and Larger Dresden plates for my Dresden Heaven quilt.  Next step will be to select the background fabric and appliqué all 121 to the blocks!  Fun and games!  I do not know if I will get all the appliqué work done this month but I am going to try!

— Load at least 3 quilts during the month on the long arm and finish them!  I will load a quilt and dedicate at least 2 or 3 hours a day until I start seeing some of the quilt tops getting finished!  I would like to finish the following:

—Rainbow Regatta

—Enduring Legacy


—RSC 2017 Challenge

— Applique the last 2 blocks for Stonefields

–Complete Block 6 of Sweet Stitches Embroidery BOM

–Attempt to complete Nesting Blocks 3 and 4.  There is a beautiful appliqué border that will have to be prepared and then hand appliquéd.

Since I plan on going anywhere this month due to all the people who have the Flu I should have a lot of time to catch up!  Any BETS on that one?  LOL  Have a great day!

17 Replies to “OMG – February 2018”

  1. You have plenty of projects to work on, I hope you don’t stress yourself out trying to complete them all. I look forward to seeing how you quilt all the quilts. Happy stitching!


  2. I want to load one quilt and see if I can set 2 hours aside each day for quilting. I really do need to make a ‘Can Do’ and a Want To Do, and a ‘Realistic Do’ Lists! LOL. Thx for commenting


  3. Yikes, that is very ambitious! Will you appliqué the mini Dresdens by hand or machine? I have no idea how long it takes to quilt with a long arm, but I suppose using a pantograph would speed things up, or maybe you free hand everything? I love all of your projects. You go to your long arm and I will go to Evelyn, I am determined to have my recording done this month. Hoping we both are celebrating on Feb. 28!!


    1. I only do needle turn applique. The machine and I do not like each other for machine applique – LOL. I was going to send some out and get them to do panto’s since I do not do them, but hard to find someone close, so I am it! Thank you for the sweet comments. Yes I am too ambitious!
      I want to sit down today and work on my lists so I will keep my focus on one at a time!

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  4. You have some beautiful projects you are working on..Thanks for showing a pic of the Nesting quilt….I like that one a lot…..Do you know the center block in you RSC quilt has a mistake in it, or was it done on purpose???


    1. Well, it is a problem! This one may go to my step daughter and knowing me I will redo what needs to be redone as I am so much the perfectionist. I know there is a saying about a galloping horse….. but this one can be seen 2 miles away! LOL


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