A 2018 Flimsy Finish – My Rainbow Regatta!

Good afternoon from Muggy South Texas!  Yup from freezing to the 70’s.  Tomorrow will be shorts!  I THINK I am back to normal other than the nagging Flu cough and getting over Sciatica!   When my house cleaner quit 2 weeks ago I just was not in the mood to worry about it – and lo and behold – I put a small ad in our small paper and I now have a new house cleaner – Starts on 1 Feb!  Good things coming my way!

This week I wanted to work on Regatta (one of my January goals) and I did so.   I am not sure, but I think this quilt top qualifies as a  Modern quilt, something I never thought I would make.  But I needed something to get me back to my passion and this was an easy one to do and yet feel the sense of accomplishment!   I have been looking at the Regatta quilts being made and I thought, hum, I did not want to make one with the same color family, so I went through my stash and found some Aurora Lights RJR fabric from 2003.  I remember so well when I purchased these.  We were visiting friends in Georgia, and my friend and I went to a great quilt store and fell in love with  the fabrics.  At that time I was beginning to applique more and more and wanted to use the gradation fabric for flowers.  But alas, the fabrics have been patiently waiting for that to happen and it did not.  I moved on to different things such as batiks and now reproduction fabrics.

So here is my first finish for 2018 – something to get me started for my 1 February 2018 New Years Day.

My Rainbow Regatta

I cut 2 1/2″ strips of the Aurora Lights and used Nancy Crow by Henry Glass (another one of the fabrics I fell in love with) because I do not purchase a lot of jelly rolls.  The original color I had selected did not appear to work out as I had planned.  I am so thrilled that I went to my older stash and found the Aurora Lights.   I did not want to cut the fabric like the pattern stated and have a lot of waste, so I auditioned each of the 8 pieces of fabric I had in the Aurora’s and selected the border fabric based on the fact that it has all the colors that are in the quilt!

I think this quilt would also fall under an RSC Challenge quilt!

I am now a Happy Quilter!!!!  Have a great week-end.

23 Replies to “A 2018 Flimsy Finish – My Rainbow Regatta!”

  1. Oh, I am loving your fabric choice and the wide border. Such a happy quilt. Just what is needed to get rid of the winter blues. So glad to hear that you are feeling better too. Maybe the warmer weather will help your back.


      1. I’ve forgotten what 100% feels like. LOL. That is beautiful fabric and is much better in your quilt than saving it. That’s always my problem…I’m always saving it for whatever that never happens. 🙂


  2. Hi Nanette,
    What beautiful fabrics and the name Aurora Lights – so perfect to convey what they represent. I love the wide border too! Perfect timing as I am sharing an update next week. Wowee – what a temperature swing! I’m glad you are feeling better and also that you have some new help starting in less than two weeks. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Rosanne. I needed to add inches to the width so it was a wide border. I added a little extra Incase the fabric flares or I need to cut it down to square it. One never knows. Have a good evening and thx for commenting.

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    1. Thank you Laura, I am definitely not a Modern quilter but I wanted to try to get the spark back in my quilting and I think it helped. It is hanging along with the other 10 or so quilts that need to be quilted! As soon as the stupid SI joint settles down I will be doing the longarm game.


  3. That’s a perfect aurora, just glowing. The white on white print seems to add a shimmering quality as well. It’s so timely in this cold drab month. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. Thank you for the nice comment. The border is cut from one of the pieces and it has all the colors that are in the quilt. I am a little concerned that when quilted it is going to go wavy on me so hopefully it won’t, but….. Have a great Sunday


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