APQ 2017 Completions

We all know by now that 2017 was just not my year for accomplishing quilting goals.  Nanette’s 2017 Goals    Well, here is what I completed for 2017 and of course I did not fare well last year! (I lost almost 6 months in quilting).  You can see by my 2017 goals that I missed the mark but good!

Small Jane Quilt, Circa 2016 Modified, and Pat Sloan’s Sewing Machine project Completed
Oh Glory


Belinda’s Quilt


Bobby’s Eagle Quilt


RSC 2016
Stonefield Blocks – Sections 1-4


3 1/2″ Churn Dash Completed in 2017 – Still a WIP
3 1/2″ Stars Completed in 2017 – Still a WIP
First Applique Quilt (2003) – Quilted – Needs binding
Nesting Block
Nesting Block
Mountmellick Center – 3 Parts Completed
Sweet Stitches – January thru April Blocks – May is completed and June almost completed
The Failed Robin’s Nest – Just too many problems – sold the pattern

I guess I completed more little projects than I thought I had.  For 2 hand surgeries and 21 days of the Flu…. I need to quit complaining but this has really be a slow quilting year for me.  I normally produce so much more.   Robin’s Nest was such a disappointment to me so I sold the pattern and I also sold Ms Billings as I just did not want to get into another pattern that had issues.  I believe that I had a post about this project earlier in the year.  It is just so heart breaking to spend 3 weeks of our time only to find out the pattern has a flaw that cannot be fixed!

Have a great day ! Next Post will be my 2018 Projects List AND my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for January.  To stay positive, I no longer set goals for the day, I set ‘DESIRES’.  This way I am not disappointed if I cannot attain the goal!   (Mind games)  Have a great evening!

21 Replies to “APQ 2017 Completions”

  1. Desires! I like that much better. Now I really, really DESIRE to win the BIG lottery very soon and if I do we will go on a nice cruise. (This coming from someone that has a hard time going anywhere) I think you did very well with your quilting all are beautiful.


    1. Thx Peggy, Now I am dealing with severe sciatica on right let – happens every now and then, but when will this quit? Oh well things come in 3’s This is the 3rd one – Yea – good times a coming. I am still trying to order those new bodies for us. LOL. Having problem with delivery times. Get that ticket – send Sami out to purchase one! Have a great day

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      1. Boy, between the two of us if we didn’t have any bad luck we would have no luck at all. Maybe we are getting all these illnesses out of our systems and then we will be lean mean quilting machines all spring and summer. 🙂


    1. Thank you and they were fun and easy projects. Robin’s Nest was my challenge quilt. I worked over 3 weeks on that quilt trying to get it right – remade things, etc. Bottom line – the pattern templates were off and it was enough that I no longer felt that I needed to remake the expensive pattern and tried to cut my losses. Those Australian patterns from Karen Styles are expensive!


  2. I like the bird blocks. Red birds are always good. Too bad about the failed circular piece you had going. I like designs with circles.


  3. I call mine a ‘wish list’. I wish I get to it but if not… it will be there another day! You got a lot done considering you were out of commission for most of the year!


  4. Really behind 3 years as family deaths happened unexpectedly and it was a long long long 3 years to end up with health issues at the end – but at our age guess it is expected! Wish is good also. Have a good day!


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