APQ 2017 Completions

We all know by now that 2017 was just not my year for accomplishing quilting goals.  Nanette’s 2017 Goals    Well, here is what I completed for 2017 and of course I did not fare well last year! (I lost almost 6 months in quilting).  You can see by my 2017 goals that I missed the mark but good!

Small Jane Quilt, Circa 2016 Modified, and Pat Sloan’s Sewing Machine project Completed

Oh Glory


Belinda’s Quilt


Bobby’s Eagle Quilt


RSC 2016

Stonefield Blocks – Sections 1-4


3 1/2″ Churn Dash Completed in 2017 – Still a WIP

3 1/2″ Stars Completed in 2017 – Still a WIP

First Applique Quilt (2003) – Quilted – Needs binding

Nesting Block

Nesting Block

Mountmellick Center – 3 Parts Completed

Sweet Stitches – January thru April Blocks – May is completed and June almost completed

The Failed Robin’s Nest – Just too many problems – sold the pattern

I guess I completed more little projects than I thought I had.  For 2 hand surgeries and 21 days of the Flu…. I need to quit complaining but this has really be a slow quilting year for me.  I normally produce so much more.   Robin’s Nest was such a disappointment to me so I sold the pattern and I also sold Ms Billings as I just did not want to get into another pattern that had issues.  I believe that I had a post about this project earlier in the year.  It is just so heart breaking to spend 3 weeks of our time only to find out the pattern has a flaw that cannot be fixed!

Have a great day ! Next Post will be my 2018 Projects List AND my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for January.  To stay positive, I no longer set goals for the day, I set ‘DESIRES’.  This way I am not disappointed if I cannot attain the goal!   (Mind games)  Have a great evening!

21 thoughts on “APQ 2017 Completions

  1. Desires! I like that much better. Now I really, really DESIRE to win the BIG lottery very soon and if I do we will go on a nice cruise. (This coming from someone that has a hard time going anywhere) I think you did very well with your quilting all are beautiful.


    • Thank you and they were fun and easy projects. Robin’s Nest was my challenge quilt. I worked over 3 weeks on that quilt trying to get it right – remade things, etc. Bottom line – the pattern templates were off and it was enough that I no longer felt that I needed to remake the expensive pattern and tried to cut my losses. Those Australian patterns from Karen Styles are expensive!


  2. I like the bird blocks. Red birds are always good. Too bad about the failed circular piece you had going. I like designs with circles.


  3. I call mine a ‘wish list’. I wish I get to it but if not… it will be there another day! You got a lot done considering you were out of commission for most of the year!


  4. Really behind 3 years as family deaths happened unexpectedly and it was a long long long 3 years to end up with health issues at the end – but at our age guess it is expected! Wish is good also. Have a good day!


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