Squared Away and RSC 2018

Well, today is the first day of my New Year so I decided since RSC 2018 is providing a pattern each that I will participate.  This month is blue.  I am going to make 3 blocks each month of the colors provided.  Today I have Block already completed.  YEA for me, and it was fun to do something bigger than  a 3 1/2″ blocks.  I have a drawer full of Hoffman fat quarter batiks and really need to start using them.  I have 3 different blues that I will be using for the contrasting cross in the middle.  The blocks are 10 1/2″ unfinished and a 10″ finished.

Blue Block 1


Fabric for Block 2
Fabric for Block 3

I think I will enjoy RSC 2018  and  Squared Away   because it is only 3 blocks a month and they appear to be very easy and can be made quickly.

Have a great week-end

23 Replies to “Squared Away and RSC 2018”

    1. Thank you Bella, I love my batiks. I was going to try to use my Moda’s, but decided it was time to get into those lucious fat quarter bundles that have been gathering dust! It is a fun block to make – good practice to get points accurate!


  1. Rainbow Scrap Challenge by So Scrappy. She does one each by providing the colors for the month, but never a pattern. This year she teamed up with someone and now the give you the color and a pattern to follow! It will be the only on line that I will work on this year. How is the weather in Tombstone? I miss being there, but we have had a great winter here.. I am finally starting my New Year – Feel better than I have in a month! YEA. Take care


    1. Thank you Lori – Heck hope I can inspire myself! Body is healing nicely – think I will continue to use the HEB Curb Side service – not interested in being sick anymore! Hoping you are feeling better too. Time for 2018! Have you checked out the So Scrappy RSC 2018 Challenge – you might like this one, I am going to participate!


    1. Morning Becky thank you, No I will not mix the batiks. I tried that years ago and the thread count is just to much of a difference. The white is not a batik, but a fabric that is equal to the batiks and no issues encountered. Are you ready for another cold snap this Thursday? Have a great day!


    1. Thank you Thank you Ms Karen – this time the project is laid out for me and I will enjoy it more – call me lazy! Hope all is well. Can we burn the cedar trees? Have a great day –


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