OK I Fibbed – 1 More for 2017!

Here is an updated picture of Clay’s finished stand for his leather sewing machine!  He now has a nice set up to sit down and work on his leather products.   He has made some very nice gun holsters and has made me cross shoulder leather case for my iPhone!  Think I will get a new one this year.

I decided to pull out all the Mini Dresden’s I have made so far this year (cannot remember when I started them).  At least it looks like I have done something!  I have more cut out and ready to sew together – they are addictive!  (Looks like I cannot keep the rows straight on the Design Board) Oh well what can I say!  I am using my 1930’s fabric for the Mini’s.  I will need to save enough fabric for Aunt Bea’s Parlor, but do not think I have to worry as I always over buy!  Anyone else do that?  

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 Replies to “OK I Fibbed – 1 More for 2017!”

    1. Clay will enjoy the machine – one can also sew on it but he will use it for his leather work. Well, I have a pattern, but am thinking that I am going to design a 1930 Medallion and surround it with the Mini’s – maybe?


  1. Play did such a great job. Looks absolutely wonderful.

    Can’t wait to see what we come up with to work on this new year. Going to be a great one. Wishing you much good health and love during the new year.

    Happy stitching,

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    1. Me too, I refuse to have another 3 years of “low production quilting!” At least the determination is here – Happy to see 2018 – Here’s wishing you and lovely family a healthy and happy New Year. Sorry to see the website go – hoping we see more Blogging from you!


    1. We were shocked when it arrived! He had ordered a Singer (too light weight) I suggested he start looking for commercial machines for leather work – and Bingo found this one. The man who sells them on eBay is 80 years old! He does a great job cleaning them up and selling them!

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    1. Clay and I stick together like glue – he is my 2nd pair of eyes if I think I am heading the wrong way on something and I have always taken an interest in his hobbies – jewelry making (silver), Ham Radio Operator, leather workl. You should see the quilt rack he is building for me!!!!!
      Hope your New Year’s Eve is good. I know that I am better than I was 16 days ago. Thankful going into 2018 well!!!


    1. Yup – he will be well occupied for awhile! Well, I am thinking a lot more because now I may try to design a 1930 medallion and use the mini’s and maybe some of the larger ones for borders! They are easy and fun to make. These are 3 1/2″ Happy New Year’s Eve!


    1. We could not believe it – it is the size of a Featherweight but much much heavier. It is a HA-1 (Singer 15) sewing machine – I had never heard about it before. He made a great bottom for it – and it is custom made inside to accommodate the legs – no bottom or top to the box!
      I am glad to see you do a post. I do hope that you do well today! Hugs


  2. Love the dresdens. They would be fun to work on with some of my scrappies. It has been chilly here in Southern Az. I am still finishing up a few small Christmas projects.


    1. Well, talk about cold – we are now scheduled for the teens at night for the next 4 days. I have to laugh at the young weather ladies – they are too young to remember we used to have this type of weather years ago – Too funny!! I just did not want to work on Mountmellick while sick or getting over the lovely flu! So starting next week 2018 projects (a lot left over from 2017) will
      become active again! Have a Happy New Year – stay safe and sound. Hugs


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