Kenmore HA-1 (Singer) Sewing Machine and Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt Pattern

Happy (almost) New Year!  2018 is coming right around the corner!  Looks like most of the country will be COLD and that includes South Texas.  So glad we are home bodies and not party goers!  However you chose to bring in the New Year (I always love them) be safe and have a wonderful 2018 beginning!

I have been slowly working on my Mini Dresden blocks and slowly progressing (and I mean SLOWLY).  I would love to say that I will have another 20 done today, but then I also thought 2017 would be a good year, so no predictions over here!  In fact my New Year’s Resolution is to plan my day, but if it doesn’t work out that plan moves to the next day!  That way I will not become frustrated when all those stupid Unforeseen Requirements hit me in the face!  This is my last post for 2017 – Number 181 and the last post that does not show any progress in quilting (well, OK, I hope so).

Clay received his Christmas Friday afternoon – it is a HA-1 Kenmore (Singer 15) Straight stitch sewing machine – It is in immaculate condition!  Very good price also.  Such a beauty.  I think it was made between 1950 and 1960 in Japan.  Evidently Kenmore had this one.   Clay will be using it to stitch his leather projects.  He does all by hand and has decided that the machine would be just as good and easier on his hands.  He has made the wood box to sit it on – such the Engineer!  He will stain it with Golden Oak – so pretty.  It is hard to believe that this machine is in such perfect condition and with shipping it only cost $538.00   It is made to sew on leather and mostly used by those who lived in the country and needed to repair saddles and other leather products.  It is a very interesting read on the history of this machine!  One can tell that it was a Singer!


By the way – if anyone out there in Quilting Land has the pattern ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and wants to sell it, I am interested! Send me an email to

Have a very Happy New Year and may we all meet our 2018 goals!

6 Replies to “Kenmore HA-1 (Singer) Sewing Machine and Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt Pattern”

  1. That is interesting! I notice the tension knob is on the back. That’s a beautiful machine. I have (in storage in Phoenix) a very old Kenmore “portable” that weighs a ton! It uses the long rocket bobbins. My dream was always to get it in a base and sew with it, but I don’t know if that will happen. My sister bought it at a flea market for $25 and gave it to me.


    1. Clay has his grandmother’s Singer that is like a ton when you pick it up. In the original wood case! He tried using that one for leather but did not work out. This is such a beautiful machine!


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