One More Unforeseen Requirement before 2018

I had my last 2 weeks for 2017 planned – should not have done that. I was scheduled for a Radio Frequency treatment on Thursday to help the back pain!

On Wednesday I started a little cough  and thought it was Cedar allergies.  UNTIL 7PM that evening!    By 8 I was in full-blown ‘Oh Oh I am getting sick’.  By 10 PM I called the answering service for my Pain Management and cancelling the Thursday appointment.  I started my antibiotic and Tylenol to hopefully control the fever.

By Thursday evening I was headed to the Urgent Care in LV.  I found out that I had the Type A Flu!   Wonderful!  I was given a shot of Motrin which did stop some of the aching, but the fever is still with me.  The doctor told me it would 7 days and by the 10th day I would feel more like myself!  WHAT?

So I am now into Day 5 of this misery and I am slowly getting better, but it has been a total bummer!   I could not take the Tamiflu that was given to me so I continued on with my antibiotic.

Yesterday Clay started coming down with it.  He has started the Tamiflu and hopefully it will help him.

I am going to assume that  when we went shopping on Monday to the Apple Store and WalMart we somehow were exposed to this stuff.  If you start getting a funny type of little cough – head to the nearest doctor!  I lost my appetite, using an inhaler, living on Tylenol and an antibiotic for the congestion.  I am weak and it will take me some time to get over this, but maybe it was not meant for me to get the RF treatment now.  That is the only consolation I can take.  I am hoping that today I might feel like some hand work.

We are hoping that we will be well for Christmas Day as it will be the first Christmas we will spend with Melissa.  Until I become normal again, have a great week.

26 Replies to “One More Unforeseen Requirement before 2018”

  1. So sorry you are feeling poorly and prayers that you and Clay are well soon. My husband missed 4 days of work last week with some crud. Yesterday morning, I started him on some Mexicillin a friend got from over the border earlier this year and the true Mucinex you have to buy behind the counter. Already within the first 12 hours, he is much recovered. And he even got a flu shot! I don’t bother with those because I believe it’s a scam from the government to force shots that people don’t need and rake states over the coals for millions of dollars to buy the vaccines for their poor. There’s over 300 strains of flu and the CDC shoots at a dart board to make that year’s vaccine which only protects against 1-3 of the types – or so I hear. Phooey. Wash your hands continually and use hand sanitizer every time you get into the car from a public place and before every time you eat. You’ll be better for it. I have a bottle of Purell in the door of my car. Anytime after touching a shopping cart or payment machine at the register, I Purell. Oh, and stay clear of sneezers and kids. I made a stupid mistake of licking my fingers yesterday in HEB to open a pesky bag to put veggies in. I did sanitize the cart rail as I went in so we’ll see. It’s a crap shoot. 🙂 Feel better!


    1. I do not do the Flu shot either – agree with you and even the Doctor said that it is a crap shoot on the flu! At least i do not have Type B. I would probably be in the hospital with my stupid immune system. Well we NEVER go to the Malls, and I live with wipes, hand sanitizer, but you know what, I bet I was lax on Monday, I know WalMart did not have any wipes. I usually buy some then in the store! Bummer. I hate those bags! I always take about 10 of the wipes at HEB and then wet my hands to open up the stupid things and never lick my fingers. Dr Vince said that Wednesday night he had 8 Type A flu patients and 1 Type B. When he asked me what hospital I preferred, I thought. Oh Crap! Please not that bad! So far I am doing somewhat better but at 73 I guess it takes the body longer – Darn getting older!!!! LOL. There was a lady in Walmart that was coughing. I try to hold my breath if I can see that coming. I think I will make me a bag to carry the sanitizer around my neck! What do you think?
      Glad to hear hubby is over it! Clay seems to feel better today he is taking the Tamiflu – that is a crap shoot too!!!!! The Urgent Care center in LV is great! In and out quickly! The doctor we like is Vincent (we call him Vince). He told me to hold on as I would have a rough ride – Last night I slept 8 hours – first sleep that was good since Tuesday! Have a wonderful Christmas! Good tips for all! I will wear a mask when I visit HEB this winter – or hey – call in my grocery list and go pick it up – how about that service for LV.


  2. I hope you feel better soon Nanette, these flu’s get nastier each year. Fluids, fruit and rest and you should be up and running in no time.


    1. I had not been this sick in YEARS! Good advice for all! Best advice – wash hands, and wear a mask – then the people who go to work or in the pubic may not infect one! Take care hope you are doing well.


  3. Oh bless you! I have had influenza A once, while in Europe, and it was awful. The one concession was that I seemed to immune to US influenza for nearly 10 years after. I am so sorry that you are miserable with this right before Christmas. Rest and feel better soon!!


  4. This sounds truly miserable. It makes me grateful for the little cold I just had – 2 days of misery and then recovery – much better than you’ve fared. Almost makes me not want to go out anywhere! I hope you feel much better quickly.


  5. We too had what I called the Bad Bug, and when you think you’re over it, you aren’t yet. So sorry. You should be good by New Years though! Then think of all the mischief you can get into!


  6. I have not been reading blogs for several days. I did not know you were sick. Curious, did you have a flu shot earlier in the season? I had one of the new ones for seniors. You certainly had a bad bout with yours.


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