Doing the Happy Dance with Mountmellick

Welcome to South Texas – at 41 degrees and rain all day – mostly the type that will soak into the ground – I am happy happy!  I have completed the Center Medallion of Mountmellick and the first border!!!!!!  This makes me so happy since I tried to start this quilt in 2014….I am so pleased with it.  The mitered corners are appliqued down and the 4 flowers completed and appliqued!  I chose to not add any BP leaves from the Dutch fabric like Di Ford did, nor did I add the diamonds with the circles.  I did not want mine to be so busy!

So far, everything is square and right on target for measurements!  Yea Di Ford!!!!!

Now for the real fun part.  The next border consists of 48 circles that were sewn onto a background fabric grid!  Now to make them into Border Number 2.  From this:

And now into this:

I am now going to do a test to make sure that all the itty bitty HSTs are true and accurate to provide the 2″ border (finished) that will become the 2nd Border!  Wish me luck!

Have a great day and enjoy winter if you are experiencing the lovely cold weather!  This is my favorite type of winter.  Hoping we have more and more rainy days this winter to make up for another drought!

14 Replies to “Doing the Happy Dance with Mountmellick”

    1. Thank you so much Peggy. It was worth all the time it took to make sure it was squared accurately. I have selected the fabric for the next border. I will have to change 8 of the circles though – the light ones are toooooo light!

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            1. Mine is just me and being a Contract Administrator and Negotiation along with Budget, Program Manager and Logistics Program Managers! Cannot make those mistakes – HUH? LOL Have a good day!


  1. The border with the circles is nice and you did some focus points on some. Everything is showing well and not a mishmash of parts.


    1. You can find the Dutch Chintz at or Happiness is Quilting in Plano, Texas.
      But – watch out for sticker shock!!!!! EXPENSIVE! I think I bought the last of the fabrics I used in the Medallion from Australia. I was lucky! The border fabric is long gone!


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