Rockport Texas, Mountmellick, Prensencia Thread and My D1!

Monday morning Clay and I decided that we just wanted to do something different and we did!  We left at 10 AM for Rockport, Texas.  We were so very very disappointed in our Galveston trip that we wanted to see how the little town was faring after Harvey.   Rockport is really struggling to come back and it will take at least 2 years to bring the beautiful area back to life!  A lot of construction going on, so much damage, and unbelievable amount of debris that is still stack in front of homes, etc.  There are boats along the highway and the large boat storage is totally destroyed with destroyed boats still in the storage building – and there are hundreds of them.

It is just so sad!  Rockport really needs help in cleaning up from Harvey.  Hopefully this will happen in time.  The Lighthouse Hotel is in sad condition – no construction going on there.  The Inn at Fulton Beach is still under the rebuilding phase.  Charlotte Plummer Restaurant is about the only eatery that is up and running!

We did enjoy a little time watching the waves and at least the Jetty was untouched.  Most of the piers are gone or unusable!

I love the water – so peaceful and quiet with the wind blowing the fresh salt water air in one’s face!  Oh well.

Now to quilting!  I have completed my 48 circles for the 2nd border on Mountmellick.  I am now ready to cut the blocks into 48 and sew the little triangles on each circle block to make the 2nd border.  I certainly hope that I do not make any errors on this as it was a lot of work to make them.  Then I have 4 hexagon flowers to complete for the center medallion corners.

My goal is to complete the first 3 borders by the end of December.  2018 is coming fast!

I was drawn to Bonnie Hunters colors for her On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt  project.  It started on 24 Nov and will finish by February 2018!  I will be working fast and furious if I do this one because I am already behind on 9 patches and flying geese.  Jaydee and I are going to go for it.  I will do mine in Batiks using Bonnie’s colors, but not as scrappy.  Now this could be a pipe dream – we will see!

About 2 weeks ago I ordered some Sulky 12wt embroidery thread (lots of them)- when they arrived I decided to return them and did.  Mainly because I had made a decision to switch to Presencia Threads BUT with all the hand surgeries I had put that decision out of my mind!  I did one project with this thread a few years back and loved it.  I did a lot of searching for the best prices for the thread and Crafty’s had a good sale so I purchased some more!  I am glad I did stock up as they have gone up about $3.00 a pack.  I feel now that I have plenty to work on my embroidery projects!  I have a mixture of 8wt and 12wt threads!

Now for some wonderful thank you’s to hubby for cleaning and fixing my Husqvarna Designer 1!  The feed dogs button was not working and the reverse stitch button was hanging up.  He took the entire machine apart, cleaned it and it runs like a dream!  Probably saved us about $500.00!  This is a 2002 D1 and does not have the hours that most machines that are 15 years old have.  In case you might be interested, here are some pictures of the work and the “back in the saddle” picture.  Clay is just so brilliant – he can fix anything with his wonderful Engineer mind.  This morning he is now cleaning my Husqvarna Sapphire.  I used my Sapphire when we traveled, so there are not many hours on that machine either!

My 2002 Designer 1 all cleaned up and ready to sew!!!

I do hope all have a great week-end and enjoy this time of the year!  So much to be happy for and thankful for even with the bad that happens at times.  Happy Sewing!

18 Replies to “Rockport Texas, Mountmellick, Prensencia Thread and My D1!”

  1. I have noticed a big increase in the price of all threads that I have purchased in the last year. Some thread that I used to pay about $4 a spool was almost $8 each several months ago. A little bag of thread cost me over $100.


    1. Aurifil has gone up also and I remember when I started using it no one else was – now it is the think. Kinkame was the best silk thread, but that is gone! Used to be $5.00 a small spool, but oh so fine to applique with!


  2. I love presentia threads also for embroidery and quilting. I love my viking too and am lucky that my husband has those wonderful skills also. He fixed my bobbin winder a while back. So far its the only problem I have with the machine. They sure are a work horse.


    1. I love both of my machines. I am using some Sulky black for my Sweet Stitches and do not like how it is doing. But too late to change in the middle of a project! We are the lucky ones! They do not sell the machines like this anymore! If I ever sold it someone would get a terrific bargain and a machine that will be stitching in 20 years!


  3. Your DH is brilliant! At first I thought you’d made a circle quilt, but then remembered that in the Montmellick pattern they suggsted doing them on one cloth and then cutting them to make it more doable. Great finish on those.


  4. I was going to take it to a certified dealer but Clay is so good at fixing things. It needed to be cleaned and those two items fixed, or at least find out why they were not working. I wanted to show how well the machine is made! Not sure if Hus has started making plastic machines or not. Both of mine are made with metal!


    1. Only if you have snow and I can play in the snow! Thank you on the threads. and yes the water is relaxing to me. We are in a drought again! I would have had him clean before now – he also cleaned the Sapphilre! I am one blessed lady!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, send that snow down here and thx for the invitation! We finally cooled off this AM – will be in the 30’s at night and maybe 40/50’s during the day – My kind of weather! Hope all is well.


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