OMG for December 2017 or Maybe Just Wishful Thinking!

Here we are now in December.  Where did November go?  We Quilters never have enough time in a day to complete our projects as fast as we would like.  So I am setting some goals for December and hopefully I will achieve them!  It is time for me to get through or caught up on my UFO’s as 2018 is knocking on my door!

A.  Complete the first 3 borders on my Mountmellick quilt by Di Ford.

B.  Complete Section 5 of Stonefields by Susan Smith

C.  Complete Blocks 7-12 of Sweet Stitches from my Kathy Schmitz BOM

D.  Prepare Aunt Bea’s Parlor quilt for Embroidery.

E.  Work on Civil War Bride and Nesting (two needle turn appliqué projects) (This will be a miracle if I even get near these projects!)

F.  FINALLY at least load my Antibellium Ladies quilt on my Grace frame for hand quilting!

G. Take my utility quilts to the Scrappy Quilter Shop to be quilted – maybe I can get caught up from the last 2 years.

H. OK – do not laugh – start on Bonnie Hunter’s On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt!  Maybe or Maybe not!  We will see!

NOW, if I do not sleep I may achieve some of the goal, but I am bound and determined to complete some of my 2017 UFO’s before 2018!

Have a great week-end!


10 Replies to “OMG for December 2017 or Maybe Just Wishful Thinking!”

  1. I’m not laughing ( much) because I understand what you mean. It’s only 50 tiny 9-patch units and 200 tiny flying geese.
    I am valiantly writing goals for 2018 because nothing much is going to get accomplished here this month.


    1. Who am I kidding!!! Well, I was trying to do 2 years of projects in 3 months – think I have overshot the time to do that! Have a good one! One nice thing is we can shift it to the next month or year! Fun in Retirement!


    1. Well, I am beginning to rethink Bonnie. I will read up on the Part 2 that was out today – Heck – the time it took me to do 2 posts I could have made at least 15 9 patches! LOL


  2. Very ambitious list for one month, and a holiday month at that! I put one thing on mine, and I do not expect to get it done. Ha, ha!


    1. Well, rethinking the Mystery quilt until January….. If I get all of this done I will be surprised. We do not have family gatherings as no one is left but Clay’s daughter – she will spend Christmas day with us which is a Joy!


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