Stonefields Replacement Blocks

On my last post I had a picture of 3 blocks from Section 5 of Stonefields. Here they are again.

The handkerchief Blocks! Boy they were difficult to make. 😂

Well those blocks are history.  Here are the replacements.

Dresden Plate Blocks

I am working on a Dresden Plate quilt from 1930’s fabric that consists of Mini Dresden’s and Larger Dresden Plates. I decided that I could make 4 of the Mini’s from my Fusions contrasting fabrics and applique them on my background fabric. I really love making the 4 1/2” Dresden’s.

I have all of Section 5’s pieced blocks completed and the remaining ready for applique.  Tomorrow I will start on Section 6

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.  I made Chili, Beans, Spanish Rice, Enchilada’s and a Cherry Cobbler.  Melissa brought two of their most wonderful Bundt Cakes from “Nothing Bundt Cakes”. They are the most mouth-watering Cakes I have ever tasted!  They are a national chain so if you have a store in your area recommend you try them. They are wonderful!  I forgot how much time is involved in cooking  Tex-Mex food!   But oh so good!

Have a great sewing week!

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    1. The are so much fun. This is from Dresden Heaven, a pattern by Suzn Quilts (Susan Martin).
      I love the templates that she sells to make them. I should have given her a credit –
      Will on the next post!

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  1. I’ve heard other people complain about some of the blocks in Stonefields. You aren’t the first person to make changes. The Dresden Stars are so much nicer than the original blocks. Can’t wait to see the completed section. Happy stitching!


    1. The pattern idea is neat, but some of the blocks are off the charts. Also she repeats a lot. Her applique is not the greatest, but she does have some different ideas. Not a complex quilt, although the 3/8″ hexagon flowers where interesting to make in previous Sections. I need to get back in the groove and study each one before I dive in. That way I won’t do a stupid. What was I even thinking (probably not thinking – LOL) Have a great day


  2. Your little blocks are adorable and that Tex-Mex meal sounds awesome! Someone told me about the bundt cake shop a couple days ago. Unfortunately the closest one is about 3 hours away 😦


    1. I could only have a sample of all and it was good. Hubby got all the left overs. Yummy.
      I think the closest one to us is 30 to 45 miles. Wonder if they ship!! Thx for commenting


  3. Well, I have 60 or so more blocks to make – But I see that I will have to change some of the next 60 as they are about as dumb as the ones I replaced! They say fried turkey is very good!
    Now on to Christmas!


  4. Love your dresdens! And wish I was at your house for Thanksgiving – all of those dishes sound so good! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers 100 today.


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