Halloween Birthday, Mountmellick, Stars, and Aunt Bea’s Parlor

Well, here I am another year older – really do not feel any different –  if the weather would either stay warm or just get cold I would feel younger!  LOL.  I am a Halloween baby born 2 minutes to midnight!  I have had the best birthday of all this year.  Sunday my adopted daughter (Clay’s daughter) came over for a pre-birthday celebration.  She brought me the most beautiful flower arrangement, a wonderful Italian Creme Cake (yummy), and a bracelet that has 5 charms on it.  The most meaningful charm says, “Marriage Made you Family, Love Made You Our Mom”.  What a wonderful gift from a beautiful daughter.  Clay gave me a beautiful gold Tree of Life to add to my collection of gold necklaces that I wear – each having a special meaning.  I will say one thing after eating potato salad, beans, and boneless ribs and the cake  – IT IS SERIOUS DIET TIME FOR ME!  15 less for Xmas, well OK,  this may be difficult with a trip to Galveston and Thanksgiving will be a Mexican Food menu!  Maybe by January 2018?

Flower Arrangement from Melissa
Beautiful bracelet, Charm, Butterfly, Birthstone, Angel Wings (she said I earned them) and a Tree of Life!
The “Cake” – So beautiful – Makes me want to make a Quilt!
My Tree of Life from Clay the Sweetest Hubby in the World!
Melissa, Clay, and the Birthday Girl! Can you tell Melissa is his daughter? LOL

I received a great quilting book from Jaydee entitled Red & White Quilting , numerous cards, a visit from Cousin Kay who bought me a great Quilter’s sign from a Pennsylvania Quilt Store when she was on her “genealogy” trip in September to Pennsylvania.   So turning 73 has been fun!  Additionally, I have had about 31 days of sewing that has been quiet and absolutely no “unforeseen requirements” to resolve!  Back to a normal life – a good routine – and lots of sewing.

Handcrafted Sign from Lancaster, PA

Now to the important things – Progress on my quilting projects!  Mountmellick has a border made with a 1 3/8″ squares with a circle appliquéd on each of the 48 squares.  Here are the instructions and the diagram on how she made these little puppies:

I had mulled over this part of the pattern ever since I started looking at it in 2014 and keep thinking  – hair pulling for sure.  I am hoping the measurements are accurate!!!  I took a 13″ x 13″ piece of background fabric and drew my grid and then trimmed the excess with my pinking rotary cutter! (keeps the raveling down).  Then I thought about how to center each little circle accurate!  I knew not to draw an “X” in each square because the marking would give me an issue.  I found my plastic mylar with a grid and cut a perfect 2″ x 2″ square and punched a hole in the center with my stiletto.  AH  so nice to have had the brain engaged for once and of course suggestions for the hole from Hubby!  It has been awhile since my creativity has been with me – glad to have that buddy back in the brain!  I will use Perfect Circles for these circles even if it takes me a little more preparation time!

My Fabric Grid for 48 1 3/8″ squares with circles appliquéd
My 2″ square-cut from the Grid template sheet – with a nice little hole to mark the centers!

Taking a break from MM I pulled out my 3 1/2″ Stars and Churn Dash blocks.  I am not sure if these will be part of MM or if I design my own Medallion Center and use them in that quilt!  I love making these blocks.  I quickly realized that I need the stars to have plain backgrounds so I would be able to mix and match!  I started on some maroon stars to match the Churn Dash blocks (30 of them) that are already finished.  I really love the gold and blue together!

3 1/2″ Stars

My next project to prep will be Aunt Baa’s.  I have been following Laura’s Blog during my “recoup” time and I have been itching to make this quilt for over 6 months!  I will at least get the freezer paper patterns printed off and as I have a little time I will trace the patterns on the background fabric.  I have a boatload of the 1930’s fabric that I did not use for the 1930’s Farmer’s Wife project (too many issues with that one).

Ever have one of those days when you really feel that you will be in that sewing room sewing up a storm early but only to find out that it takes longer than you think to walk, have breakfast, do a post, balance the checkbook (1 Nov) and clean up other paperwork?  Is it because I aged over night?  NO – it is the fact that I had a lot of “little” things to accomplish so now at 3:45 CST I will attempt to go play!  Tonight will be hand work and tomorrow will be an early start on my projects!  Yea!

Have a great week of sewing!

31 Replies to “Halloween Birthday, Mountmellick, Stars, and Aunt Bea’s Parlor”

  1. I really like the Aunt Bea patterns. Years ago I did some embroideries with those baskets and I too have a boatload of 1930’s fabrics.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Such lovely gifts and a happy picture! Your projects are so pretty – all of them. Your star blocks caught my eye at Midweek Makers! I do have those days when “chores” get in the way of sewing, too! Glad to know I’m not the only one! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


  3. Such lovely flowers, gifts, and the cake – they know how to make someone’s day! And by the looks of the projects you have going, as we discussed earlier, you really should keep thinking about thinking about joining the new one. Happy Belated Birthday!


    1. Thank you Susan. I have decided to NOT go there there!!!!! Both you and Jaydee advised me correctly. It would be fun to do but only if it was the only quilt I was going to make. Have a great evening! Thx for helping!


  4. Sweet little embroidery baskets in that Aunt Bea pattern. I have a basket pattern that has somewhat similar ones that I have wanted to do for a long time. I just don’t find much time for the embroidery.


  5. Well…happy birthday to you! What a lovely family and thoughtful gifts!

    I am frustrated nearly every day because the day job, and those things that one has to do, eat into precious sewing time! Still, I am trying to make the best of it. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours working on a project this afternoon…just for the fun of it. Tomorrow, after work, I shall be working on this month’s OMG/UFO project (or maybe I will sew for the fun of it again).

    Love seeing the projects that you are working on…always inspiring. 🙂


    1. Thank you Laura. I do admire you being able to work and then come home and get some quilting in. During my career I was lucky to do some knitting or crocheting, never started quilting until after retirement. So I now get to make up for those years of work and no play! I need to get a November OMG done. Thank you for the nice comment. Take care and keep on quilting!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What a great birthday! Such a lucky lady! I’m right behind you coming up on the 14th. My present is already on the way and I can’t wait for it to get here. 🙂 So do you intentionally look for the most difficult and challenging things to make/quilt? Holy moly I’d never even give those circles a second glance let alone try them. I admire your grit!


    1. Thank you Becky – Two Scorpios – how about that and living so close! I am anxious to see the BD present on a Post. Yup I still like a challenge in life and especially in my quilting. It has been on hold for so long! I want to get so many quilts finished and started! Believe you me when this pattern came out and I looked at those circles I felt the same way. But now it won’t be so hard – as long as the hands hold out! Have a great day! I have a 4 other friends who are Scorpios born in November! Thanks for commenting!


  7. Happy birthday. The cake looks too good to eat but I wouldnt have had a problem. Whatever you decide to use the stars in will be wonderful. I love making these too.


    1. Thank you Denise. There is some left in the freezer but trying to forget it exists! LOL. I came up with a technique to make them where the bias is not on the outside. That was driving me nuts when I was making Robin’s Nest. The bias will absolutely ruin a quilt!


      1. My trick, paper piecing. I started paper piecing about 2 years ago and I no longer struggle with the bias. Of course you cannot always paper piece every block but I do when I can get away with it.


    1. Thank you Lori. Well, there were some pictures that I could do without, but it was such a great day – This Thanksgiving and Xmas Melissa will spend with us – First time in 21 years! YEA! We are really looking forward to that good ole’ Mexican food – lots of work but so good. I need to order some tamales to go with it! That will send me into sugar land! LOL Hope things are well and you are feeling better!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was perfect! And thank you for the comment on my stars – I love that little block pattern!
      If the days keep going like the last 2 there won’t be an Aunt Bea’s Parlor for another 2 weeks!!! Crazy day today too!


  8. Belated happy birthday to you!! Hope you had a wonderful time! Your gifts are beautiful. It’s clear your family loves you!


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