Doing the Happy Dance!!!

FINALLY!  We are back into a BORING routine of retirement life!  I am always ready to take a short “getaway” but not this month!  I am through with the hand surgeries and Clay and Melissa are healthy and Melissa started a great new job yesterday!  What else could we want?  Well, OK – only one more trip to the hand doctor tomorrow and a few errands in SA and hopefully that will be it for a while.  It was a long long LONG 5 months and without a few quilting buddies I think I would have really gone crazy.  Thanks to Jaydee and Gretchen!  Great friends and quilters!

So one might ask – what does a quilter do when back to back carpal tunnel surgeries and dealing with only one hand to use for a short period with all of those projects gathering dust!  PUNT!  I had time to work on my RSC 2017 project which was not difficult to do and it was something I could work on between surgeries and all the lovely trips to SA!  I worked daily on trying to get this quilt finished by Monday and I achieved that goal!  When I started making the 4 patch blocks, I had no idea where I was going with the quilt.  Originally I had intended to make 28 blocks of 5 colors, but ran out of patience to just sit and sew 4 patches all day long.   I only used 4 colors and could no longer bring myself to make anymore blocks in other colors.  Here is the final outcome!  Anything that reminded me of this quilt that was not used is in the permanent UFO file!

RSC 2017 Challenge Quilt – Completed but not perfect!

One would think that since each and every 4 patch and 2 1/2″ offsetting squares were squared and doubled checked during the process, that the quilt would come out perfect!  Did not happen here and that is a big frustration for me as a Type A personality!  The quilt is lucky to have survived the same demise as its leftovers!

Also during this time I have been able to finish preparing the last two blocks (Blocks 1 and 2 the ones with the wreaths) for the Nesting quilt and have started appliquéing on block 1.  I love the Red Birds in this quilt.   I have only one more block to go and then I will start on the appliqué border.  This is an old pattern of Darlene C. Christopherson’s and so pretty.  Each block is different.  Blocks 1 and 2 had wreaths for the birds to sit on, but the pattern was not accurate so I quickly decided to change that and leave them off.

Moving right along, I found out that I could embroidery as soon as the cast was removed, but took it slow and easy.  I have finished 2 more blocks for Sweet Stitches project.  Today I have prepared the April Easter Bunny Block.  This was a BOM that I purchased in either 2013 or 2014.  It is fun and really fast to complete.  Kathy provides embellishments for each month that are fusible and really add to the block!



I have 3 projects going concurrently for appliqué, Nesting, Stonefields, and A Bountiful Life.  I still have to  prepare Section 5 of Stonefields though.  I also have other projects that need attention, but am thinking that I am ready to start on a Di Ford quilt – something that will be more challenging than 4 patches.  (Hummm if I have the problem with 4 patches, maybe this will not be a good idea – LOL)  I am going to start on one of the quilts from her books Primarily Quilts and Primarily Quilts 2.

In 2014 I purchased some of the beautiful Dutch Chintz fabrics to use in her quilts and it is now the time to get back to that time when I first started with Reproduction Fabrics and the Australian reproduction quilt patterns.  I have fabric for 3 of her quilts in the books so it will be fun to work with them.

All in all, I am finally at a place in 2017 where things are peaceful and calm and uneventful.  It has been a long 9 months of a not so good year.  So this is the beginning of my 2017 and I only have 3 more months in this year to produce!  I have almost forgotten that I have that wonderful new Grace quilting frame waiting for a quilt, but think it will be December before I attempt any hand quilting.

Our trip for the year will be in November as we are going to go to Santa Fe and Gallup New Mexico and on to Winslow, Flagstaff, and Sierra Vista, Arizona.  We will enjoy the new scenery and visiting for a week with our friends Doug and Jean who have already arrived in the Sierra Vista area for the winter.  Then back home for the winter, or whatever we end up with for cold weather.  It will be fun and a great chance to visit with our friends.  I miss our RV travel, but not the work involved!

An update on my new toy the Cutter Pillar I purchased at the SA Quilt Show.  It is a great and must have tool for quilters.  Today I used it as a light box – unbelievable!  To be able to use it as a cutting mat and then for the light box for tracing patterns for appliqué and embroidery is great and a time and space saver to boot!  To see how it works go to Cutter Pillar! 

Have a great week and enjoy stitching!


31 Replies to “Doing the Happy Dance!!!”

  1. Glad the healing time is over and you are good to go, after tomorrow anyway. OK, which Di Ford quilt are you going to make? And are you going to make one from each book or just one. Is it Phebe time?


    1. Well, Let’s see. I am studying Mountmellick and in a quandry! This afternoon I was pulling fabrics and am not sure which way I would go. I do not want a dark background but may have to. There are about 5 other quilts that I am “thinking” about of Di’s, but will study them again tonight and see which and how much hair pulling I want in my life at this time! LOL


  2. If you ever figure out how to get perfection when stitching with fabric, let me know. Ha, ha! I like your RSC quilt…looking forward to seeing it quilted!

    I am happy to that you are feeling yourself again, and it will be fun to see your projects progress!


    1. Well, even with the mix-matched in the orange and purple I like it because it is FINISHED! LOL. I am feeling great – lost two days this week for phone upgrades, but back in the swing….Trying to decide which one to start on – too many in the cue!

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  3. Glad to hear you being so upbeat in getting back to quilting. I am doing more hand work, esp after going through all the quilts I have completed. Need to make another trip to the different states to see the kids and drop a few off. Hope to see you when you go to Sierra Vista, Az.


  4. I have a few of those Kathy Schmitz patterns that you have been working on. Never could find time to do the embroidery.
    You have great plans. I am working a bit on a Di Ford design from one of those Quilt Mania books. Not a complicated one to start with and I have simplified it a bit. Waiting on some more fabric though I could sew star blocks while waiting.


    1. Well, I am still trying to decide – the fabric that I had purchased in 2014 is not really something I like – that is because at the time I missed out purchasing the same fabric Di used in Mountmellick, so now it will take me a day or two to figure out what colorway I will use in the quilt. I really am enjoying Kathy’s little BOM – I had never purchased one before. I have no idea how this quilt will look because it looks like each could be a small stand alone but it will be fun to play with.


  5. One of the 4 patches is in back to front (orange near the centre) I have the same problem when I put blocks together, I can never spot them on my own quilts. I make the top then leave it for a while before basting it – after I haven’t seen it for a while I can usually spot the ones I’ve put together wrongly. Hope it’s easy to fix (that’s if you want to of course). Elaine


    1. Thx Elaine -that was when the Galloping Horse theory got me – first time too! I figured it is a utility quilt and hubby said it was OK. I am glad to have it completed and the surgeries also. It was not fixable…. or at least lets say I did not want to fix it! LOL I want to move on now now since both hands are working. Thank you for your comment sorry I am late in responding.


  6. Those Sweet Stitches blocks are adorable!
    LOVE the 4 patch quilt! Hopefully you will love it as much as I do once the stress of the construction process wears off!
    Can’t wait to see your Grace frame!


  7. Hey, sometimes finished IS perfect! I’m glad you didn’t trash the quilt – someone will appreciate and enjoy it even if it stirs up bad feelings in you. And maybe it will look and feel better to you after some time has passed. ❤


  8. Hi Nanette,
    I am wanting to do a Di Ford pattern too – I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose. They are all so pretty.
    Would you mind amending your post to include a reference to Design Wall Monday at That way when people see your link and go to your blog to read about it, they can easily link back to Design Wall Monday to go to the next blog. Thanks!


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