RSC 2017 in Blue

Talk about Slow Stitching Sunday,  how about Slow Stitching Week?

I am making slow progress on RSC 2017 Blues but at least some progress! I am becoming extremely frustrated with hand braces.  Seems like forever in getting through the 6 weeks.  Oh Well…..I miss my hand applique, Embroidery, and those knitting lessons that I thought I would be taking this year.

I have 7 blocks made in Blues and a lot of 4 Patches of Blues and Purples already sewn and ready to make 21 more Blue blocks and 12 more Purple blocks.   Of course I am only 6 months behind in this project, but what is a few months backlog?


RSC 2017 Four Patches in Blue

At least I am close to MAYBE finishing them by the 31st and then on to the color for August.

OK, I have achieved 2 goals, not quilting goals, but my walking goals and I have lost some weight  so I will be happy for that!

Have a great week and stay cool 😎  we are in for nothing but 100 thru 102 for the week. Whoopee!


13 thoughts on “RSC 2017 in Blue

    • I am learning patience LOL I think! This morning the heat index was 80 at 6:40. I do not go out doors the rest of the day except to and from the Studio. This is going to be a summer like we had during the drought. I am enjoying the time I do find to sew. So relaxing.


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