Sunday Lunch – Are You Hungry?

I never post food because most foods are not on my safe list. But there is a one time exception and this is it!

This is one of the best meals we have had together lately. So, I thought I would make everyone hungry.  It is the best Beef Roast I have prepared since I gave up beef.

Menu was a Shoulder Roast cooked with potatoes and carrots in the Crock Pot.

 Melissa provided that yummy green bean casserole that I just had to have a tablespoon of them.  Yummy!

And for a fat-free (😇) dessert – Pineapple and Blackberry Cobblers:

My Cobbler recipe is on my previous post.

Thank you Gretchen!


16 Replies to “Sunday Lunch – Are You Hungry?”

  1. I am curious about you safe foods list
    Is it that some foods don’t agree with your body
    Or allergies
    Or perhaps diabetes
    What do you eat?


    1. Go to the Search in the upper right hand column of this post and type in Celiac and it will show you what the issues are. Thx for the inquiry. I am not diabetic, but it can get me because it is in the family – Type II.


    1. I sorry, I cheated and had a piece of my cobber on Sunday and Monday and think that this is the last of the cobbler making! But all did enjoy the food. Next get together will be chicken and mashed potatoes and NO dessert! Diet time! LOL Thx for commenting


    1. So far I am not that either, but in the family genes! I am Celiac, preservaties are a no-no, and food intolerances. I do well on some carbs, but carrots are a killer along with too many potatoes. I cooked a chuck roast the same way and it was not nearly as tender as the Shoulder! Have a great day – sorry for late in responding.


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