Back to Quilting on RSC 2017, 4th of July, and our Triplets!

Well, here I am almost 4 weeks from surgery on the right hand and have been working on my RSC 2017 project which was started in January and put away because I did not think I would like it.  I wanted something easy to do and so I chose 4 patches.  I had not followed the RSC from previous years but had watched Gretchen make her 4 patches.  She is making a King Size quilt so I figured I would do the same since we have a California King.  I had to put the project aside for a while due to a family issue at that time.  But as I was recovering from CTS surgery in the right hand I decided that as soon as the cart was off and stitches out I would be back at the sewing machine!

Last post I was working on Churn Dash and thought I would make some more Mini Dresden’s from Susan’s Dresden Plate patterns.  I made one more, but decided that I needed to wait on trying to cut the small pieces.

I have completed 7 blocks for my RSC2017 (January color) and here is the setting that I am thinking about doing.

Setting for RSC 2017 Project (Test)

Gretchen indicated that she was making 28 blocks of each to achieve the King Size quilt, so I am following her guidance and did some math to figure out how many 4 patches I needed.  A total of 224 were required.  I had a lot of 1 1/2″ strips left from a quilt I made in January and used all of them to make the additional 178 that I needed.  Today I have all 4 patch blocks made and squared (whew)!  Now I need to cut 178 each 2 1/2″ squares and then I will sew blocks together  I would love to have all of them completed by Tuesday (or darn – if I say this too loud a UFR will creep into my life!!!)  So I will just say I will finish them soon!

178 – 4 Patches for the RSC 2017 quilt!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  Clay and I enjoyed a wonderful visit with his daughter Melissa and her Shitzu dog Sophie.  She has Sophie trained to mind so well, taught her how to “high-five”, sit, talk, etc.  Sophie lost one of her eyes when another Shitzu bit her.  But she is a trooper and so much fun to play with.  We talked, laughed, and played with Sophie to have one of the best 4th of July’s that Clay and I have had in a long time!

Melissa’s Sophie – such a sweet dog!

This is a picture of Melissa at the San Antonio Fire Department showing us of a picture of Clay when he was fighting a fire in San Antonio as a young whipper snapper (old terminology).

Melissa at the SAFD showing a picture of her Father at a San Antonio Fire in the 1970’s.
Melissa 4th of July 2017

Melissa and Clay look so much alike and have the same personalities!  She is a joy to her Daddy!  Melissa and I have a lot in common in life and love laughing and talking about our life’s journey.

We now have a set of Mule Deer Triplets!!! They are a hoot to watch and the littlest of the 3 is something else – can run like the wind!  I caught a fairly decent picture of them this morning when I was walking and they were chowing down on the deer corn – Already!  More mouths to feed but Clay and I so enjoy watching the Deer and our neighbor’s cat trying to catch a bird!  Maybe we can get a picture of Mischief jumping up and hanging on to dear life and getting a bird to snack on later!

Our 2017 Triplets!

The weather is now really into Summer here in South Texas.  I am walking at 6:30 each morning and it is humid, but not near as hot walking if I waited until 8 or so.  Feels so good to be back into a routine.  Have a great week of sewing.

21 Replies to “Back to Quilting on RSC 2017, 4th of July, and our Triplets!”

  1. You have sure been busy with those purple 4-patches. I like the layout a lot. Good to hear you are healing well.


  2. Very pretty RSC blocks. Glad you are able to get back to stitching after surgery. I’m not sure I would have survived without being able to sew. Stay cool, hopefully your south TX summer won’t be so hot.


    1. Thx, it was a hard time, but I made this one the 2nd one should go a little easier. This morning the humidity was down to 79. Hope this trend continues. I am sure it will be in the 100’s soon.


  3. Glad you are healing well. I’m walking about the same time now as we go into triple digit weather. Like the layout you showed us.


    1. Today was a no walking day – just tired and wanted to break the cycle, but I really love the 6:30 walk. We have the deer and I think my favorite just had a baby fawn! Along with the triplets we will be really feeding those babies! Thx on the layout. I believe Gretchen had also looked at that setting and the trip around the world. I will of course miss the little endorphines that help the day seem brighter!


  4. So much purple in those 4-patches. Are you tired of purple yet? The finish will look quite fantastic, though, and will be worth it. Glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend! –Andrea


    1. No wonder I was seeing purple in the white! I am getting tired of it, but it is nice to use up the scrap strips. I may now change the blocks to just 12 each 4 patches….It is the glaring white that I am not certain of! Thx for commenting.


  5. Good to see a post from you. I thought you were going to tell us that Clay’s daughter has triplets. I didn’t realize that it was deer that you were going to show. LOL! Triplets would be a big handful.


    1. Think the other deer 🦌 dropped one.

      I am doing genealogy for a Friday’s. Rest my
      hand and do something different. Walking
      at 6:30 is working great for me.

      Hugs and hope things are going smooth.


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