Back To Quilting!

Six months from today will be January 1, 2018!!!  Doesn’t it make you want to start working on a Christmas projects?  I have a couple of those perpetual calendars and it amazes me how fast the months and years fly by!  We are really in for some warm weather, especially when it is 80 degrees and 90% humidity in the morning.  It is definitely not a walking day!  This week we were blessed with over 7 inches of rain!  What a blessing!  Saved our Pines and the grass loved it.  Hopefully we will get more this month!

View from the Studio Porch
View from the Back Porch
View from the Studio Porch Again

Speaking of blessings, the housekeeper I have hired this time (and I have been through many who say they know how to clean but cannot) is an absolute jewel!  She will come twice a month and I am no longer going to have to clean one day and tired the next!  Saving my back and hands for sewing and walking.  What a life!  And to top it off, I have a great Hair Stylist that is also doing a great job on my hair cuts!   I have decided that I am going to be like the younger generation and say, ‘I deserve it’!  LOL

I am recovering from the hand surgery and have been back to my sewing, albeit slowly, but steadily progressing.  I have been making 3″ Churn Dash Blocks and plan on making some more of my 3″ Star Blocks.  Not sure what the quilt will look like, but it will be a reproduction quilt.  I would like to have a Medallion in the center and go from there.  The blocks are so much fun to make.   Even wearing the CTS splints on both hands I can sew – no hand work yet – but it feels good to feel good!  One more to go and wish it could be tomorrow but I know I have to wait until August!  Having any type of surgery after the age of 70 is not recommended!!!!!  Takes longer to get back to normal – Darn!

I am making 10 CD blocks of each color that I select.  I have completed 30 blocks and have 10 Stars left over from Robin’s Nest that went away a couple of months ago.  I have the Churn Dash and Star blocks down to perfection.  No bias edges and they all come out at 3 1/2″ unfinished!  I believe that is what makes me enjoy them so much.

Reproduction Churn Dashes

I was working on a Dresden Plate quilt pattern earlier this year using 1930 reproduction fabrics.  I did get one made the other day.  They are also 3″ and so much fun to make!  I have more of the same color way ready to sew.  I really need to revisit the pattern, or else it will be a Mini-Dresden quilt!

Mini Dresden Plate

I am bound and determined to come up with a quilt for RSC 2017!  I am down to 4 patches and Circle of Squares that Gretchen is making.  This is going to be one of my July goals!

I have been keeping up with the Blogs that I follow and it really keeps me inspired and yet anxious to get back to my passion of quilting!  Have a great day and maybe today I will be able to be even more productive.

Have a great 4th of July and stay safe!

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32 Replies to “Back To Quilting!”

  1. Your blocks are all lovely. My favorite is the Dresden Plate block. Just don’t overdo it with your hand. The new housekeeper sounds fantastic. Enjoy your stitching today.


  2. glad to hear your sewing is coming along even with hand splints. Nice to get the rain that you needed, sometimes it is so nice to watch the rain come down when you need it. Kudos to you for finding someone to clean house and someone that you like doing your hair for you. I’ve never had someone clean my house – maybe one day but I do a little everyday and it doesn’t bother me.


      1. I bet – glad you had some rain – we had another 1.25 inches yesterday more tomorrow? have not had to water the garden other than a little hand held spray now and then on a few things drooping


    1. Hubby built both porches – now if we would have a nice cold winter and a cooler summer it would be more fun to sit outside. Thx on the blocks – they are fun to make.


  3. So glad you are able to get back to your sewing. Perfect way to pass the time while that rain washes in. Lovely little churn dash blocks. Such a classic pattern! Perfect with reproduction fabrics.


  4. I love rain! I am so amazed that your make those beautiful quilts and blocks in the 3″ size AND you have had hand surgery. I would be moaning and groaning till the cows come home. 🙂 So glad you found a good housecleaner. I have never had one but I am thinking about it now. Life is too short to clean when you don’t feel like it.


    1. More rain is needed and hoping it comes this month. Thx on the comments on my blocks. I love making them. Never thought I would. The only ones I do not think I will ever make is OMIGOSH by Sue Garmen. Those are just too small… 2″ 9 patches. I have been many housekeepers like the Swiffer Queens…. Life is short and as we get a ‘little’ older we need to pamper ourselves. Never thought I would give it up but this hand surgery has taught me that!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Glad you are recovering so you can start sewing.I am going to start another project for Fall. Rearranging my fabric to see what I have and what I forgotten I have..We really need the rain. There is fires all around us. Some houses/homes are lost due to the fires. I clean when company is coming Ha. My husband grew up with 6 siblings so he doesn’t say anything.
    Stay well.


    1. Well, I overdid on the computer yesterday but it seems the machine piecing is OK because I am up and down, etc. I re-arranged mine and had to move some to another room! LOL. Hate to hear it is so dry out in the area. Stay safe. Clay and I are just too much the perfectionists!


  6. Quilting on a rainy day….lovely! Here in Southern NM, we are still in a drought…would love to have some rain! Your projects are so very pretty! Your Churn Dash quilt caught my eye on Busy Hands Quilts – it looks like so much fun! Your Dresden block is also so pretty! Love your color choices!


    1. We would stay in Las Cruses on our way each winter to Sierra Vista for the winter. Loved that town and will miss the trip each year now that we sold our rig. It can get dry there. Hoping no fires start up this summer. Thx for the comment on my work. Have a great day!


  7. So glad to hear you are able to sew a little again. Sounds like you deserve some pampering and having help to do some of those things is well deserved. Love churn dashes and very pretty dresdens.


    1. You are right ‘little” – LOL. Thx for the pampering. I started cleaning at age 18 and did it for many years – how about 54 years plus having a career – I just hate to waste time when I can quilt! I really do enjoy the CD’s and Dresdens. Good relaxing quilting, but time to move on to a more challenging ‘something’ while recuperating! Have a great 4th!


  8. There is a newer book out with churn dash quilt designs that looks interesting. Your churn dash blocks reminded me of that.
    Rain is few and far between in Texas summers. You were lucky to get it. I remember one summer when we lived there that it rained a few times in the summer but always stopped right at the line between Waco and Woodway (we lived in Woodway). We lived three blocks from that line and never got a drop of the rain. And I remember having to water the foundation of the house.


  9. Oh my those are small ‘churn dash’ blocks, but so pretty! Glad to hear sewing is do-able, I guess it’s rehab but do take it easy! Thanks for linking up to ‘sew stitch snap SHARE’


  10. Love your tiny Churn Dash blocks – I can see the problem with the CT! Hope you mend soon, I have had both left and right hand surgery for this problem, so frustrating when you would love to get to the sewing machine!


  11. I am doing fine – on the 17th I get to start getting 2 hours on and 2 hours off of the brace! by the end of the month I will have both hands – for a month! Then the left. This is the 2nd time to have the surgeries! Probably the last thank you! LOL. The Churn Dashes are so much fun and especially when the pattern is small and the measurements are perfect along with the stitch width! Goes smooth! Thx for the comment.


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