A Hand Update – No Quilting Here – But an Exceptional Hubby!

I would like to first thank my wonderful husband, Clay, who has taken exceptional care of me and has been “right hand man” (a little pun here) through this hand surgery.  He is a love!  What a gift I received 21 years ago when he contacted me on 3 June 1996 when I lived in Virginia and he was in Texas. We had grown up together in San Antonio but never dated.  I had a short visit with his Mother in Texas before moving to Virginia in 1993 and then in 1996 he decided to “look me up” and found my number through a friend of mine.   We take care of each other, but this time he has really had a lot on him!  I am so blessed!!!!!  We were still young (51 years old) when we were married on 2 August 1996!  Thank you Clay for taking care or me and being such a loving and sweet husband.  (A Choctaw-Irish and a French – Cajun – what a pair!)

Clay and Nanette July 1996 – Sterling Virginia Still Young!
Clay and Nanette – 2012
Clay in our Long Gone RV 2014

So here is where I am on my surgery experience.  I am out of the cast, stitches are out, and now to some crazy therapy – tap on the incisions 5 times a day – for 5 to 10 minutes and then next week add rubbing them the same with some Vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera to keep scar tissue down.  No lifting over 5 pounds – for me I will just not lift anything heavier than my fork, water, and coffee cup!  LOL  Better safe than sorry!  I have great movement in the right hand as I did exactly as I was told – move those fingers and thumb as soon as I woke up from surgery – yes it hurt for 3 days, but then each day it got better.  I have a little numbness in the ring finger, but they say it gets better (hoping).

I am having issues with the left hand and realized now that the shoulder pain has been from the CTS!  WOW.  So as soon as the right hand heals (hopefully by early August) I will schedule the surgery on the left hand.  We have a trip to Oklahoma in August that we will not cancel, so it will probably be done the last week in August.

Today I am back to the computer typing with two hands – YEA.  I am now using my hand and was told I can go back to quilting.  I will do some cutting this afternoon.  I really have missed my quilting.

Here in South Texas we are in a horrible dry condition and no rain in sight – We are having 108 heat index and yesterday it hit 102 temperature!!  Good time to quilt – now to get the muscles back in order on the right hand.

Yesterday after getting the cast removed we went to the Mesquite Bean quilt store in San Antonio and I picked up some more shirting fabric! – (Like I really needed the fabric).  Penny Rose has a new line out – very nice!

Have a great week-end, hopefully by next week I will have something to show.

15 Replies to “A Hand Update – No Quilting Here – But an Exceptional Hubby!”

  1. glad you are being taken care of so nice to have found love at 51 and you have had a bit of time together – glad you are beginning to heal!


  2. I am glad you are recuperating nicely. I did not have a cast with my surgery. It will be good for you to get the other surgery done and then have a new year to look forward to doing the things you like to do.
    Are you sewing the pieces and parts together that you prepped before surgery? I worked on more Stonefield blocks yesterday.


  3. Awww your husband comments on your blog g- so sweet! I was wondering what happened to you who usually has a quilt a week (or more) completed. Hope you completely heal from your surgery and congrats being able to return to quilting! Oh that is a lovely photo of you two!


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