Long Hot Summer in Texas and a Pity Party!

OK. This will be the shortest post for me!!!

Lovely summer – only 108 Heat Index!!!!  Hoping the storm in the Gulf reaches South Texas…..

Update on my Carpal Tunnel (CTS) surgery.  I guess after 20 years we tend to forget just how much fun having CTS is!   I think I forgot that I am 72 and maybe it might hurt more!   I am in a nice cast for 3 more days. They lied to me when they said I could type starting today!  No way with this cast on!

So it is left hand only.  This is so frustrating!  Sitting here looking at all I want to do but cannot. To top it off, my left hand, arm, and shoulder are now giving out!!!

I will be able to get the left CTS done in a month. Yikes am I ever a glutton for pain.  BUT, if I do it in July I will be well in September and get back to quilting!!!!

I did walk today and think, THINK it made me feel better. LOL

I am going to catch up on some Crafty classes I bought a few years back  maybe my mind will come back.

Have a good week!

12 Replies to “Long Hot Summer in Texas and a Pity Party!”

  1. Sorry to hear you are suffering down time, but yes at 72 our bodies just take longer to snap back…..I learned that the hard way when in February, at age 81 I spend 9 days in the special care unit at our local hospital……I am just now starting to feel like myself again…..So give your body time to heal & before you know it you will be back to normal…..Enjoy your blog….D. M.


    1. I just did not allow for age! I know one thing. I love my back brace more than ever. I will keep the two billing discs. 4 previous surgeries were done when i was younger. Thx for the comment. I thought I was losing it!!! Thank you for following my blog. Maybe i can get some quilting done before the next surgery. Have a great day


  2. age will do it every time! it seems like we always need more time to heal – hope the heat index goes down that will make it a little more comfy


  3. The older we get…the longer it takes. May you experience a full recovery in God’s time! Meantime, classes are fun! I’m happy to know that I am not the only one who has classes from a few years ago, and still need to find the time to watch them!


  4. Drat! I am so sorry to learn that you have more going wrong. I hope you can get back to stitching soon. No fun to be had in the recovery process.


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