Churn Dash, Stars, and an UFR Break

Well, this time tomorrow I will be on the road to recovering from Carpal Tunnel  and Trigger Thumb surgery.  This is definitely a UFR (unforeseen requirement)!   If the CTS is successful on the right hand, then it will be the left hand’s time ASAP!  Think my summer is not going to be real productive for quilt projects.  But I have “been there done that” about 20 years ago with this surgery, I have forgotten how the recovery time is going to go!  This morning I realized that I can start typing in a week or so, but rotary cutting will probably be off the table, so I will probably work on Genealogy!  So I am hoping that I can be productive doing something.

I have had one of the best weeks this week in 6 months with my quilting.  I am working on 3″ Churn Dash and 3″ Star blocks.  I love the CD’s.  I am not sure where I am going with them, but plan on incorporating the 3″ Star blocks left over from Robin’s Nest into a quilt.  I am going to start with 10 blocks from different color coordination from reproduction (red, black, brown, green, etc) fat quarters and then making 10 blocks with the same fabrics for the Stars.  I am now having fun quilting since January.  My inspiration for the Churn Dashes was from Me and My Stitches A Gathering of Scraps pattern.

Not sure what this quilt will look like, but am excited about creating a design after surgery!

Churn Dashes and Stars – 3″ Blocks

I want to make more of Alexander’s Bean Pot blocks – They are so much fun at 5″.  I found this pattern in Carol Hopkins Civil War Legacies I book.  I believe that I have made about 15 of them last year.  I made this quilt in 2015 for Darryl and have wanted to make me one.  Love the Civil War Legacy books – there are I, II, and III available.

I also plan on sending out quite a few quilts to be quilted with pantograms.  This will be great to have them finished (except for binding).   I will not have so many yelling at me to get with the program when I walk into the Studio.  I am waiting on Sandy to let me know she is ready to quilt on her new machine!

So I end this post for now, and hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to cut and sew on my blocks!  Until next time – stay cool during the summer heat and happy stitching!

19 Replies to “Churn Dash, Stars, and an UFR Break”

  1. Good Luck on your surgery. I have one more quilt to finish up and then to do some hand work. I like the Churn Dash also to use up scraps. I am trying to take an embroidery design from the computer to my. machine. It won’t let me do it and I had done it before a long time ago. Very frustrating. I have the Designer’s Gallery “Studio Plus”. Maybe after a couple glasses of wine HaHa.


    1. Thank you Karen — I guess I wil read a book,,, sleep, watch movies. I think I will be using the hand sooner than I think. I have to move the thumb immediately after surgery. BUT will have to keep it in a brace for a month or so. I can work around that one!


  2. Nanette, I’ll be praying for you and thinking about you tomorrow. Love, Kay

    On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 1:39 PM, Chopin – A Passionate Quilter wrote:

    > Texas Quilter posted: “Well, this time tomorrow I will be on the road to > recovering from Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Thumb surgery. This is > definitely a UFR (unforeseen requirement)! If the CTS is successful on > the right hand, then it will be the left hand’s time ASAP! Think” >


  3. Your blocks look lovely, this is going to be a cute quilt. Prayers for your tomorrow for your surgery and recovery. Maybe we should include Clay in those prayers since he’ll be your caretaker. Blessings!


    1. Thank you so much my friend Gretchen. Yes Clay will be doing the work. Take a hand away I need Velcro tennis shoes! HA that will be the day! Clay will also need the prayers.


  4. I like the blue star blocks. I have long had a fondness for sawtooth star blocks.
    Beanpot! Not heard that name for a quilt block before. I think I have one of Carol Hopkin’s Civil War books.


    1. Jaydee gave me the book for my birthday one year and I love her quilts. They are fun to make. The star blocks are also fun especially since I figures out how to do the flying geese without bias edges!


  5. Good luck on your surgery. You will do fine and be ready to quilt and piece up a storm. We are all with you. Your work is lovely.


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