The Difference Between UFO and UFR is Delay!

We all have our UFO drawer that holds projects that are unfinished and always hope to finish them.  Then there are UFR’s (Unforeseen Requirements).  The biggest difference between them is we can control UFO’s, but NEVER control UFR’s.  In case anyone missed me, I have been on a forced vacation with UFR’s for the last 2 weeks.  I prefer to drown in UFO’s.  I am down to 2 UFR’s for the month of May and the rest of my time is for UFO’s.  I just love acronyms how can we do with out them?  My UFR’s are just about finished for May and now I am going to see if I can get back in the swing of quilting on my projects.

About 2 weeks ago, I wanted to take a break from all the fun I had with Robin’s Nest so I looked for appliqué projects that had gathered a lot of dust.  This is one from 2010 (I think).

Pat Campbell’s Jacobean Holiday

Here is what is remaining to be appliquéd.  For this project I am doing back basting appliqué because of the large pieces!  (what a mess I have in this stack of UFOs)  Back Basting appliqué uses a technique that is different from traditional needle turn appliqué.   The pattern is traced on the wrong side of the fabric and pieces of fabric are cut and placed on the right side of the fabric, and then using the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric to baste the fabric pieces.  If interested in the technique check out How To Back Baste Applique .   The only thing I do different in the tutorial is to take a white appliqué pencil for dark fabrics, or a pencil for the light fabrics and mark over the basting stitches before I start appliquéing.  By doing that I have a line to follow while needle turning.

Remaining blocks for Jacobean quilt

While looking for the finished blocks of my Jacobean project, I ran across the following blocks from a 2007 BOM from Sierra Vista Arizona Quilt Guild.  Some of the blocks will need some embroidery work, but they are mostly finished.  Different Guild members provided the block for each month.  I located the remaining blocks from this project and some from a 2008 BOM.  I plan on finishing this project too (SOMETIME). During my search for the patterns I was surprised to find 5 blocks that I had designed!  So much to do, so little time.

I made this block a couple of months back to see if I wanted to make a quilt with the block pattern. As you can see I decided against that and made a pillow cover for a pillow to use when I am doing hand appliqué.  The pillow lifts my work so I do not have to strain my eyes.  My other pillow decided it was time to head for the trash can!

My New Applique Pillow

This morning I thought I was on the way to finishing Nesting Block 2, until I realized that I do not like the “grapes” outlined with embroidery thread!!!  YUP you guessed it – ripping time.  Of course the black thread will leave residue black circles, so now I will get some circles ready (think blue) to cover the marks up.  I was trying to take a short cut and not have to do those tiny tiny circles!  The bird’s beaks and eyes will be done when I finish the circle and then I will post the finished (at last) block 2.  Lesson learned – always recheck the pattern picture!!!!

I am hoping to get this block finished by tomorrow (LOL) what a dreamer I am!  Have a great Sunday and a great week – enjoy your stitching!  We are hoping that the rain really does happen today – so dry!

19 Replies to “The Difference Between UFO and UFR is Delay!”

  1. You shared a lot today. I like the blocks designs from the Arizona guild. Nicely done.
    I actually like the look of the embroidered grapes but you have to please yourself.


    1. I thought that the grapes would look good, but guess I need to get my book out. Doing small circles with the backs titch tend to make the threads pull. Guess I was pulling my threads too tight or need too figure out another stitch! Today is a circle day while my “house cleaner” makes a first attempt of cleaning. Hoping they are as good as the referrals said they were. It will help me with my back and hands, PLUS look at the time I get to sew! LOL


  2. I like the applique block with the buttons the best. I think I would like the grapes better appliqued too, more work but you will always be glad you took the time. The cardinals are so pretty, even more so when you get them finished. I’ve never seen the Jacobean pattern before but there are so many projects out, it’s hard to know them all. Happy appliqueing!


    1. Pat Campbell was a wonderful Jacobean designer. I believe that her fabric lines were the Fossil Ferns, of which I have a very nice stash that I have collected. She had a massive stroke I think before 2010. She had the best applique marking pencils (white) on the market. I cannot remember the year that she died. Her boyfriend kept the on line business going for her while she was getting over the stroke but she never really recovered. I notice that the site is closed now. I try to get a good stash of the pencils before he closed the business.


  3. I never heard UFR before…so true! The projects look great, and I am on the fence about the grapes. You make me want to work on applique, but I must not allow myself to be distracted!

    I guess I’m not the only one who uses an ‘applique pillow’! What a fun discovery!


    1. Well, UFR’s were well know in the Federal Govt – One never knew when a fire had to be put out by management! LOL. Interruptions constantly! This is why as age I do not like all those interruptions. I try to just enjoy Blogger Posts, because I can become a “dreamer” for projects! I can easily get caught up in purchasing a new line of fabrics! You are smart to not be distracted! Have a great day!

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  4. Very interesting and you are as normal as the rest of us. My UFO stack is a mind bender too. I think I am a ADHD stitcher always a new thing to get my latest attention and enthususiam and all of this adds to my UFO stack. I am engaged and I am enthused. Your work is lovely.


    1. Well, I am beginning to think I am not normal…LOL.. But I do prefer more UFO’s. Wonder why we all tend to see something new and move on? Guess we all have a little of the ADHD! Thank you Jaydee! Hope your Tuesday is going well. I am late in replying to all!


    1. Well, I did get the embroidery thread taken out, then tried some circles but they were too big… So now I will really drive myself nuts doing some smaller circles – Ugh! Thx for the compliment. Have a great day.


  5. Good luck with finishing that pretty bird block. I am sure it will be gorgeous when all the grapes and embroidery are finished. I like your distinction of UFOs compared to UFRs. I would rather have the former.


    1. This is an old old pattern, but so pretty and easy to do EXCEPT those pesky circles. Maybe that is why I only made one block years go for a donation to our guild show! Still working on the size to do.


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