Robin’s Nest is Resting and some May 2017 Goals!

Today is day 5 of May 2017!!!  Can you believe it?  It seems like the months fly by after May and June and before we know it – it’s Christmas!  I hope this month goes by slower.  Today is a great day – feeling like my old self!  Did my stretches, walked, vacuumed the house, and made it out to the Studio by 10:45 to work on 2 post that were not finished Monday.

I have left Robin’s Nest for a few days (how about 5 days) to work on some applique and Brinton Hall.  I am still wanting to work on some embroidery and knitting (someday).  Now that I have RN started and know there may be pitfalls, I have had a nice break from it and will start sewing the 2nd ring tomorrow for sure.

I am working on a quilt called  Nesting for the SA Show in September – BUT if I cannot get it completed it will be next year’s quilt to show.  I have completed Block 1 and started on Block 2 – there are only 4 large blocks and a beautiful border.

Here is Block 1.  It is an easy quilt to applique so I should be able to finish this by July.

When I appliqué, embroidery or sew my bindings and sleeves, I take small stitches – like 1/8″.  Here is a picture of the back of this block.  And of course I am a traditional needle-turn appliquér – no glue or starch.  I cut about a 5/8″ of bias strips for the vines and sew one side down, trim and sew the other side – these are less than 1/4″ stems.  I always trace the pattern on my background fabric with a pencil (lightly) so it makes it easy to follow a line when doing stems.

I  finished the top and bottom hexagons on Briton Hall this afternoon (finally!).  Next week  I want to start working on the 4 left and right hexagon sections (probably more slowly).  This hand work is definitely hard on the ole’ hands so I will take a day when I want to just sit and sew a section at a time.  Maybe by the end of May I will be ready to start making the rest of the quilt – which MIGHT be easier!  I love Batiks the colors really pop don’t they?

Each section will have to be laid out very carefully and sewn together even more carefully.  I made a few mistakes and had to rip a couple of times and I do not like that because of the small stitches that I do.

I am going to load a quilt that I made in the 2003-2004 timeframe first thing in the morning!  It was one of the first appliqué quilts I made.  I used all different Christmas fabrics in it and thought it looked horrible.  I was looking at some of the hearts and I had fussy cut some Santa’s for the hearts!  Heck I did a scrappy quilt without even knowing what I was doing!  Too funny.

Christmas Quilt – 2003-2004


Christmas Quilt – Ready to Load! It is 60″ x 76″

Goals for May are to get the Christmas quilt finished, work on Nesting, Robin’s Nest and Brinton Hall.  Only 26 days left!  Have a great week-end!

22 Replies to “Robin’s Nest is Resting and some May 2017 Goals!”

  1. Your handwork is spectacular… and then I noticed you are a member of the Baltimore Appliqué Society. I hope you make it to a few meetings. I’ve many friends in the group but they all live around Baltimore


  2. Thank you so much. Yes I am a member, but live in La Vernia, Texas now. I did live in Sterliing VA from 93-96 but was working and never had time to quilt or really do much of anything but work! Thx for commenting.


    1. Thank you so much. I have to laugh when I pull out my first applique block. I did not start quilting until I retired and it was in 2002 when I really started appliqueing. The small 1/8″ stitch in all hand work really makes a difference. I did not start piecing until 2004. Have a great Sunday and thank you for commenting. I always think I am not good with scrappy, but maybe I was on to something back then! LOL


    1. I like Nesting also, it is a relaxing quilt to applique. Robin’s Nest is considered gone so now I will concentrate on hand work for a week to get over the stress I gave myself on that one! AND I never give up but on this one I have! Good to hear from you and thx for the comment.


  3. What pretty projects. I really like your Christmas quilt. Those hearts are very pretty. I am quite impressed with your timeline for finishing that applique quilt. That block is wonderful.


  4. Your Nesting appliqué is as precise on back as on the front. I love the flowers in Brinton Hall, that Asian so typical of the 1890’s. I pray your hands stay supple and trouble free.


    1. Thank you. I love to applique, but those darn hands! When I started Brinton Hall, I looked at my stash of Asian fabrics and thought – it is time to use them! Have a great day!


  5. The block with the birds is so pretty – I think it’s the bit of curl on the leaves that makes it. Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers!


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