Primarily Quilts 2 by Di Ford – Beautiful Quilts

Primarily Quilts 2 by Di Ford is one of the best books I have ever purchased – it is book to add to your library.  Especially for all quilters who love Reproduction quilt!  There are 3 quilts that I want to make from this beautiful book of quilt patterns, Mary Queen of Bedford, Giggleswick Mill Sampler, and Cloverdale House.

I have 2 yards of the border fabric and 4 different 1 yard fabrics from the Cloverdale collection for the Cloverdale House quilt.  I purchased it last year not knowing what I was really going to do with the fabric but loved it! So I will be able to use those along with my stash to make a nice quilt.

Giggleswick will be made from my stash.  I just do not need to purchase 12 or 13 yards of fabric for something that I know I can make with what I have.

Here is a picture of the Mary Queen of Bedford quilt.  This quilt was made with Mary Koval’s Tree of Life panel, along with Ophelia by Nancy Gere, and Charleston by Jo Morton fabrics.

I purchased two of Mary Koval’s Tree of Life panels when it first became available about a year ago or so thinking that it was a small panel.  About 2 months ago I took it out of the package and almost fell over – this panel is NOT small!  Almost the size of a lap quilt!  I quickly folded it back up and put it away for another day when I MIGHT be creative and do something with it.   Beautiful isn’t it?  Di Ford cut the panel up to make the center medallion using broderie perse appliqué.   Yummy!  In case you might not be familiar with that technique, here is the definition.

Broderie perse (French for “Persian embroidery”) is a style of appliqué embroidery which uses printed elements to create a scene on the background fabric. It was most popular in Europe in the 17th century, and probably travelled from India, as there are some earlier findings there.

The background will be difficult to match as it is not really a color that matches with any of my Bella Solids, or Kona Cotton samples.   I contacted Mary Koval and she will be in touch and advise me on which fabric would be best for the background.  I also did not have any of Ophelia or the fabric from Charleston, but after looking long and hard, I found 2 quilt stores that had a little over a yard left of each.  YUP snatched that up.  I knew that as soon as this book was released that any fabrics required would have to be purchased immediately as they would go fast.   As soon as Mary contacts me on a background fabric I will try to order some and then next year this will be on the cutting table.

Ophelia fabric for the First Border
Charleston for the Third Border










Now I just need to quit eating and sleeping and may have the quilts done in a year (LOL).  I lost a few days this week because (shame on me) I tried to eat like a normal person and it GOT me!  I am getting tired of losing a few days here and there due to eating something that I know better than to eat.  I have a feeling that part of my lost week was due to some medication that I was taking to help me with my tummy – tummy did not like it anymore!

Maybe this book and projects will keep me inspired and give me the control to only eat paper for a month or so….. that is another LOL!  Have a great day!  It’s Friday!!!

10 Replies to “Primarily Quilts 2 by Di Ford – Beautiful Quilts”

    1. Yes they are – the books come in French and English, so one really has to sit down and review the pattern. I usually copy the pattern from the book so I can make notes. Tomorrow will really show me if I can get the 2nd ring on Robin’s Nest completed! Thx for commenting and hope all is well in Arizona.


    1. They are absolutely stunning – all of them. She does a lot of Broiderie Perse – something that I have not worked with. I have her 2014 Mystery pattern and want to do that one – it is a challenging one! Small small pieces. I may really pull my hair out! Thx for commenting.


  1. I was puzzled about the price of one of those Tree of Life panels when I first saw it. Then I read its size and understood.


  2. I have the first Primary Quilts book and thought I would make one or two from it and have yet to start one and lost interest in the one that I was going to do LOL – I think I won’t purchase the second – I have way too many books to chose patterns from right now.


    1. I waited a month before ordering this one – the cost… but I am so glad I did. Di goes into her thought process on fabrics, shows pictures of fabric she uses, and much more. But I do hope I can keep from adding more books to my collection. I have had to put all my Quiltmania books from the different Designers in a drawer as my book case is overflowing!


  3. I have the first book but have yet to make a quilt from it. I have thought about buying Book 2, I just think of them as beautiful coffee table books. I would be interested in what fabric line Mary Koval tells you to use. I saw a teaser about the Mary Bedford quilt and now for sure want the book. I have two of the panels as well. We had Cynthia Collier come to our guild a few years ago, I think of her when I think of broidery perse.


    1. I will post it when I hear from her. I emailed her and she was with Di Ford at a retreat and indicated that upon her return she would let me know. This will be a difficult color to match to. – but maybe not. I do not hawk books or things, but to me this is a great book for Reproduction nuts, of which I have now become one!


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