17 UFOs in 2017 Update

My main goal for the month of April was to make 2 quilts for our friends in Mineral Wells and I completed them before Easter.

Bobby and Belinda received them on Good Friday.

I was able to start on Robin’s Nest after Easter, but ran into many issues with the pattern, but as of today, the Medallion is completed (still need to sew the second ring of Stars together) and will be ready this next week to applique to the background.  Then on to the rest of the quilt.  My goal for May on this quilt is to slowly progress to ensure that it turns out perfect with no further issues to have to deal with.


I am working on another project called Nesting.  I finished one block this month.  There are only 4 blocks but they are large and then a large appliqued border will need to be done.  IF I can complete it in June, I will enter it in the San Antonio Show in September.  If not – then there is always another show in 2018!  It will be hand quilted.   I will put this project in line for my May projects.

Still working on Brinton Hall.  I have one more section for the top to hand stitch hexagons and then the real fun will start.  I will also put this on the May list.

Have a great week of sewing!

15 Replies to “17 UFOs in 2017 Update”

  1. You have patience. I don’t know that I would have stuck with the star design you are working on. You had so much frustration. Did you get a reply from the designer?


    1. I guess I have more than I ever thought I would, but I am driven when there is an issue to figure out where the mistake is – either me or the pattern. I have not received a reply from the Designer on the problem with the hexagon. But I have learned a lot from this pattern! Pat Sloan and Lynette Jennings are the only two Designers that I know that put out a pattern that does not have to be remade! They have some great pattern testers. I would love to be one!


  2. It took about two grueling weeks with bias issues and pattern problems but I got to this point. I am taking a few days away from it. Maybe tomorrow I will get the blue ring sewn and attached to the red stars!
    Thx for commenting


  3. Wow – you’ve been very busy. Your Medallion quilt is going to be amazing – way beyond my scope!


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