14 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest Remake!

    • Thank you. Well, now that Robin’s Nest is over the “humps” and it will go smoother, I need to load a small project to practice on. It is all set up and waiting for me! I was going to work on the Quiltmania 2017 Mystery, but have given that one up! One massive boo boo on a small reverse applique heart and I am done – do not need anymore “problems” with projects! Fabric back in the drawer!

      How is your frame working out?


    • Thank you. I love to share the good and bad in quilting! I would love to make one that doesn’t have an ‘issue’. The stars come out perfect each time with cutting a Quarter Square for the triangles!


    • Thank you Nancy. Those bias issues have been a problem before, but I did not catch on until this quilt! Think this is why I do not paper piece. So many bias when the paper is removed!
      Hope things are going OK. I think we are in for a hot dry summer here in South Texas. Missed seeing all in Arizona this winter, but enjoying getting back in the groove.


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