Robin’s Nest Remake!

Just a short post to show how much better my Stars are looking with the new way to cut the light fabric for the Flying Geese.   (See Previous Post for Star Directions and information on working with Bias on the outside of a block)



14 Replies to “Robin’s Nest Remake!”

    1. Thank you Jaydee – I would have never thought about cutting those stupid triangles quarter square! How did we manage without the internet and all the information available to us now? LOL


    1. Thank you. Well, now that Robin’s Nest is over the “humps” and it will go smoother, I need to load a small project to practice on. It is all set up and waiting for me! I was going to work on the Quiltmania 2017 Mystery, but have given that one up! One massive boo boo on a small reverse applique heart and I am done – do not need anymore “problems” with projects! Fabric back in the drawer!

      How is your frame working out?


    1. Thank you. I love to share the good and bad in quilting! I would love to make one that doesn’t have an ‘issue’. The stars come out perfect each time with cutting a Quarter Square for the triangles!


    1. Thank you Nancy. Those bias issues have been a problem before, but I did not catch on until this quilt! Think this is why I do not paper piece. So many bias when the paper is removed!
      Hope things are going OK. I think we are in for a hot dry summer here in South Texas. Missed seeing all in Arizona this winter, but enjoying getting back in the groove.


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