Robin’s Nest Project Has Begun

Our internet service has had issues the last month or so and the service finally went belly up for good last Saturday.  I enjoyed the quietness and think I did progress in quilting…. Hum!  Today the technician came out to fix last week’s technician and customer services boo boo’s.  So now back on-line and in the fold again!

I started Robin’s Nest this week-end.  I have studied this pattern for 2 years and it has been on my 2017 Goals for 4 months now.  This is a fairly complex quilt and not as complex as Ms Billings and Phebe, and others, but it is a striking quilt.  Templates are provided, but when one is making 3 1/2″ UF stars, using small templates and a rotary cutter is not for me.

I made one block using the templates and was not pleased.   So I decided to reverse engineer the templates and convert to rotary cutting. I made 3 other test star blocks to ensure my rotary cutting measurements were accurate.    The 4th one appeared to be perfect (until I looked at the picture I took) and realized that one point was off.  So back to the drawing board on size of the strips.   The hexagon is 1 inch, so you can see how small the pieces are in making this star block.  Notice the bottom two points – Amazing how we do not see our little mistakes until we take a picture!  I have had problems with flying geese before, but now I know the secret in getting them perfect!

The “OOPS” Star
Points Corrected – I replaced the Flying Geese that was off!

Here are the measurements for a 3 1/2″ star block using rotary cutting and no templates!

There are 17 pieces in each star.

  • Cut 4 each 1 1/4″ squares for the corner from a 1 1/4″ strip from the light fabric.
  •  1 each 2″ square for the Center from a 2″ dark fabric strip.
  • 4 each 1 3/4″ squares cut once diagonally for the Star Points from a  dark 1 3/4″ strip
  •  2 each 2″ squares cut diagonally for the Flying Geese background fabric (light)

When I sew the Flying Geese I use a scant 1/4″ seam allowance, then I go back to the full 1/4″ seam allowance to put the rest of the Star Block together.  It comes out perfect.  I am using 50wt Aurifil thread and a Husqvarna Designer I.  (this is important because all machines are different)

I cut the center hexagon out using freezer paper (I do cheat on this – I purchase the pre-cut Jenkins freezer paper and print the pattern out – it saves me a lot of time).  The leaves, or whatever they are, will be hand appliquéd in either blue or black fabric.  I have 2 more stars for this portion to be completed and then I will cut out more triangles in black that will be the next “border”.  I am using the template for the triangles to connect all the stars.

Next will be 12 more Star Blocks and they will be in Blue.  I am using a mixture of Barbara Brackman’s Union Blues, Richmond Reds, and Pam Buda’s Cassandra Crossings.  I will probably be using more from other reproduction fabric lines as I work on each border in the quilt.

I have not loaded the Grace frame as of today, but maybe tomorrow or this afternoon.  Things appear to now be settling down and I will have more time to quilt.

We have a “cookie” sheet bird feeder.  Hubby took a picture of the Doves feeding – it is so much fun watching the birds and the deer feeding while I am sewing!  The cat next door sits on the ground just wishing for one of the birds to drop off the feeding tray for a good snack!  LOL

Doves on a Cookie Sheet – and One in Flight!

Have a great day and Happiness is peace and quiet and sometimes boredom! (well only today!)

16 Replies to “Robin’s Nest Project Has Begun”

  1. Your oops! stars would have been good enough for me but since it is important to you, then go for it. Just don’t expect perfection from me. It’s not going to happen. Enjoy the birds!


    1. I do not know why my eye goes to everything that is off, but it does! Blame it on Clay – he is such the perfectionist and I was before we married, but have really become one in my quilting! Thx for the comment. Your work is to die for, especially your hand quilting!


  2. it takes an adjustment to be off line for awhile doesn’t. I know when we travel and I can’t be on line to get my blog post out I have withdrawal! sometimes it will be two days in a row and I tell hubby we have to take a drive so I can find a spot to get on line and check in, read my mail and get my posts scheduled LOL
    love the quilting


  3. Whoa! What a beautiful project this is! I hadn’t heard/seen the Robin’s Nest, so thank you for the link.
    You could make an extra little star and turn it into a pincushion for your longarm. ‘Wink’


    1. Yes I may do that. The pin cushion I got with my Handi Quilter is a big plain ball with velcro to attach to the wrist while pinning the fabric to the leaders. Need to make 2 one for the Grace frame (hand quilting) and one for the long arm…..Thx for commenting. Check out Ms Billings…that one might take me a while to make. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I love to share things that make quilting easier and less intimidating. So many quilters start a project, have a problem, and walk away. For some reason I want to figure out why I am having that problem and then the next quilt will be easier. Always do a test block to make sure things are accurate – the thread and the brand of sewing machine really make a difference. Found that one out when I started quilting.


  4. I looked at the pattern you are working on. Indeed a complicated design. At least parts of it. You are a precise thinker and doer so should work out fine for you.


    1. Thank you Karen. I am taking my time on this one and enjoying ever minute – A challenge at every section. Today I will attempt to do the first ring of stars and attach it to the middle – Will post the outcome. Have a great day


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