Home Sweet Home? Another Problem Year Starting!

We arrived home from the trip to Dallas Quilt Show, Choctaw Casino, and a visit to friends in Mineral Wells, Texas on Saturday afternoon.  I have now decided to never go to the Casino again – I lost more than I won on this trip.  So since they are keeping my money and not giving me a chance, I will give up that hobby!  LOL.  But the Choctaw’s are smiling (Clay is a member of the tribe – so we have given our fair share forever and ever).

On the way home (and I should have known better) I ask God to please not give me any problems to work on at home for at least the rest of March 2017, as I would LOVE to have 5 days in a row to come to my Studio and work on projects.   I remember when I was younger that I used to ask for ‘patience’, only to learn that one should never ask for that because then we are tested until we learn patience!  Therefore, it is rare that I ask for anything for myself, but pray for others!!!   This year is just not going as I had planned.  DARN!

Before we left Mineral Wells Saturday morning for home, we noticed a crack in the tail light of the BRAND NEW LINCOLN NAVIGATOR!  We figured “no problem” as it only has 2500 miles on it since we purchased it in December and we had purchased a bumper to bumper extended policy.  So that issue did not bother me.  Right before we left on the trip we had to have  two (2)  modules replaced on the Town Car to the tune of $1360.   Of course the Automotive Repair business  screwed up and a part of my driver’s side door was missing and we discovered that right before the trip and after the fun and games with computers happened.   This was the reason for the trip – to get us away from never-ending problems.  No wonder the last 3 years have put me behind on my quilting!

BUT of course, Sunday morning it appears that something had happened to the Whole Home DVR system while we were gone – no problem there – the technician will be here tomorrow.  But I digress, let’s go back to the Navigator!  Just received a call from our Salesman – item not covered and the cost is $2,000.00. to repair the tail light cover!   Talk about wanting to get back in the car and leave again………..But the bottom line on this lovely problem is that the dealer (thank you God for little favors) has agreed to split the cost.  They will pay $1,000.00 and we will pay the other $1,000.00.  We have never had an insurance claim and I do not want to start now.  Someone had to just maliciously hit that lovely little tail light because the car was parked 99% of the time we were gone at the Hilton or the Choctaw Casino.

Another disappointed was the Dallas Quilt Show and that was costly, but I had always heard it was a great show.  I will be doing a Post on the show with some great pictures of some beautiful applique quilts, but also a Compare and Contrast on Traditional Quilts and Modern Art Quilts at the Show and all about the Judges.  But alas, for some reason I do not feel like doing that now – I cannot imagine why!!!!

I did accomplish 2 things today – put the binding on Oh Glory, and mended the bottom sheet that all of a sudden started ripping – of course what does one expect in this day and age for $100 for a set of sheets – to last more than a year??????  How dumb I am to think that something out there is a quality product?

All in all, I enjoyed the mini vacation, but I am not pleased with coming home.  That darn black cat must be lurking around here.   But on the positive side – the trees are blooming fast and it is so nice to see the green come back.  Spring is one of my favorite times before we start living in the 100 degree weather!

Have a great evening and when I settle down I will do a post on the Dallas Show.  I will try to be ‘nice’.

11 Replies to “Home Sweet Home? Another Problem Year Starting!”

  1. sounds like you have had some rough days! one thing after another isn’t that the way it goes sometimes. Glad you were able to split the cost with the dealer – sounds like a lot of money for tail light fix. So about the Dallas quilt show- I will be interested to hear your comments – I didn’t go this year – I must admit I have seen the photo of the show winner and I was very surprised – not my cup of tea but someone must have liked it.


    1. Well, things were absolutely nuts this AM, but calm this afternoon. The dealer is going to look at the problem and see if it is a defect and that would be covered under warranty! Otherwise we are going to finally file an insurance claim! No claims in 24 years and now this. Hope it was not someone who caused it. We will see, but things are a lot calmer now.


    1. I think as we become older we just do not want issues!!!! Wonder what world that would be? Heaven LOL For now I guess I will take the problems because it means I am still living!


  2. Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. Some days a person just needs to not plan anything and take a few hours to just sit quietly and read, etc.


    1. Well, today I tried the Marathon so now I can go sit and veg! Walked my 2 miles, Direct TV, and more with the Navigator. But it is OK – I guess I was in a ranting mood – ever get one of those? Hope all is well with hubby! Take care and keep in touch!


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