Success! 17 in 2017 Goal for February!

What a month!  I have met all my goals for the month and it is a good feeling, even with the reformatting and updating of 3 computers!  I am now proficient on the Macintosh and Microsoft Operating Systems.  I know more than a 72-year-old woman wanted to learn at this time in my life in maintaining computers, but look at all the money I can now spend on fabric at the Dallas Show next week-end!  Guess it was worth my time after all.  Now to show you my progress for the month!

Finished preparing 4 A Bountiful Life blocks to appliqué.  The blocks will be 14 1/2″ unfinished.  If I can get them completed by May, I will be half way through the 20 blocks.  FINAL GOAL:  Have this quilt ready to show in the 2018 Quilt Shows.





Completed Section 4 of Stonefields!!!!!!!  This pattern is not difficult other than the pieces are very small.  Mr Rabbit and I had a fun day yesterday.  I would love to have this one completed to show next year also, but time will tell!  Blocks are 6 1/2″ unfinished.






This block was previously finished, but the flowers in the center were too light so I redid it with some of the same fabrics used for the blue leaves.


Margaret Potts is now on schedule (except for the February’s block which was received last week).  I finished 5 blocks this month!  Blocks are 10 1/2″ unfinished.






AND Oh Glory is quilted!  I believe I made this while in Arizona in or around 2013.  It is a Lynette Jennings pattern!  Just need to add the binding.  Think this one will probably replace one of the wall hangings in my Studio now.




Can you believe are already starting March and daylight savings time?  I will be finishing the computer project up (hopefully today) and move on to a new project.  I really do want to work on an RSC 2017 project so maybe now I can take some time and look for a pattern that I really want to do in those colors.  I would like this one to be a “fun” quilt, something that will not be difficult but a little challenging.  Hopefully I can have my March goals selected soon.

Have a great day and enjoy stitching!

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21 Replies to “Success! 17 in 2017 Goal for February!”

  1. Wow! Everything looks so good from the pretty “wooden” vase for bountiful life to all your Stonefields blocks. Good color, good fabric choices, NICE applique job! Very impressive!


  2. I need to get back to the Bountiful Life blocks. I was moving along pretty good on it and then got side tracked. I always enjoy seeing your applique blocks.


  3. you do great applique and should be very proud to know all that you do about computers! One day I need to enroll in a couple classes so I can figure it all out better – I know some but not near what one should! Spring is early for sure – wish I was going to Dallas this year for the show but just went to Houston at the end of last year so can’t go to both.


    1. Thank you Karen. I started working for the Government in 1966 and remember the servers being in a warehouse. I used to work with programmers and really became interested! Then the Desktop came along and one had to know Disk Operating Systems (DOS) commands in order to use them. I loved them because I did not need to wait on a Secretary to type my work! So I became very self sustaining through my career. But I keep saying, “well I know enough”, then came the switch to the Mac’s and iPhone, etc. So I have learned them both!
      There are books for “dummies” that really helps people understand what is going on behind the Desktop! Thx for commenting!


  4. I just adore applique, and these are just lovely… are these on freezer paper or something else? Good luck with your finish goal. That bunny is just too cute!

    Greetings from Germany!


    1. I am one of the traditional appliquer. I use freezer paper, no glue, no starch. I trace or print the pattern out on freezer paper or pre-cut freezer paper (Jenkins) and cut the pieces out , then press them on the right side of the fabric and cut them out using a little less of 1/4″ around each piece to turn under. I do needle turn applique.

      Thank you for commenting.


  5. Nanette, it makes me feel tired just looking at the amount of time that it took to do what you did in one month. They are all wonderful and I can’t wait to see them finished.


    1. Thank you Elaine. I really need to push on this one – it is not that difficult and I want to hand quilt it. You will get there on ABL or CWB. I have wanted to make the quilt since I got the pattern from Australia but decided that I liked ABL pattern better.


    1. When I started trying to catch up I realized that I am (again) working on a lot of applique and really want to start on a pieced quilt project just for something other than hand work. Thank you for your comment.


  6. Well, back from a 12 day break from everything! Thank you. I have just about lost all of March so I did not set any goals. Just to have fun and dump the brain data base of the computer fun!. Have a great day


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