Decisions, Decisions, and a Grace Quilting Frame

I started the year out with 17 UFOs that I wanted to finish. I met my January goals, and looks like I will meet my February goals. I have decided to not continue with RSC 2017 this year because there are 3 quilt shows that I want to enter in 2018. They are the Dallas, New Braunfels, and Austin Texas shows. It will be nice to visit the Dallas Show so I can get a feel for the Judges and the show set up. I have shown before in NB and Austin. In order to do this I must stay focused on 4 quilts that I want to show. Three would be appliqued and hand quilted and the 4th is going to be Robin’s Nest. I could show in the San Antonio Show this year, but would need to send 2 quilts to a professional. I will ponder on this one as I have plenty of time to decide and the quilt tops are already finished! In place of the RSC 2017 project, I am going to work on the Quiltmania 2017 Mystery Quilt.

I have been in an “Indecisive” mode for a while, but finally getting over that and am making progress – more than I had last year!  This last week I have caught up with Margaret Potts BAS BOM. (I am doing this post on my iPad so the pictures are not the best)


Block 19 Ms Potts
Ms Potts Block 15
Ms Potts Block 19
Ms Potts Block 19

Yesterday the BAS newsletter was posted and so now I have one more block to do soon in order to stay current!

Along with catching up on Ms Potts, I wanted to finish prepping the 4 Bountiful Life blocks for applique.  I have all four backgrounds traced, and two blocks ready to applique.  Tomorrow I will finish selecting a few fabrics for the flowers and they will be ready for applique.  When I first started appliquéing I used the “blue marker” but I had one issue and I only use a number 2 pencil to trace the pattern on the background fabric.  As you can see, I do not use glue or starch, I use freezer paper and needle turn the pieces.  I do not baste the pieces either.  I work with glass head applique pins to keep each piece in place.

Ready to Applique
Ready for Fabric Pieces
Vase Fabric – Need to finish leaf fabric pieces
Ready to Go
A Bountiful Life Finished Blocks

One day last week I read Happy To Be Scrappy (Deb) where posted that she decided to purchase a Grace hand quilting frame.  She is such a bad influence on me as a lot of Blogger’s are!  LOL.  I had not hand quilted a quit since 2013 and every time I read a post from another blogger who had their quilts in a quilt frame I thought about my applique quilts.  I will not have them machine quilted every though there are any quilters who do.

So I went to the Grace website and fell in love with the Z44.  It would be great to have a frame like this where I can adjust it in 6 different positions which would make it easier for me with my Fibro and back issues.   They have a great video for the Z44 hand quilting frame.  Check it out.  I worked with Karla when I ordered the frame.



At first I thought I was nuts for doing this, but then realized that I wanted to enter Quilt Shows again after a 3 year hiatus and that I would need this frame for my applique quilts!

Well, this post is lengthier than I thought it would be, but I am very pleased that in the first 2 months of this year I am well on my way to catching up on projects and have a goal in mind for 2018!  Now let’s see if I am able to maintain this momentum.

Have a great week all!


9 Replies to “Decisions, Decisions, and a Grace Quilting Frame”

  1. So happy to be a bad influence on you! I know how you feel on getting things finished for it…..I have 2 ready for hand quilting but my midget appliqué is just needing a nice appliqué border… that might be next months project.


  2. the only way i like to hand quilt is on a big floor frame too – the one you show looks great. I will be so glad to get my frame set back up again after the sewing room is finished which will be months still at this rate – I really do miss it – can’t stand quilting in a small hoop


    1. I have been hand quilting with either a 14″ or 18″ lap Hoop.

      It is just to hard to quilt a large quilt. It is hard on the shoulders.

      At least I can just quilt and the fold the frame out of the way in between working on a project.

      I know that you will be a happy camper when all is complete


  3. My grace frame is a Z44. I like there is a pole to wrap the batting around. Not all the frames have this feature and the batting hangs behind the frame. Your applique blocks are all so pretty. Blessings!


    1. That was a very important feature for me along with the fact I can fold itt up as it will reside in the Den! Glad you are back! My long arm does not allow me to get the batting out of the way – it hangs there but then it really does not get in the way unless I am working on a King. Then there is an issue. Hubby did put a nice pole so I can store 2 rolls of batting – a 90 an 45 inch and that is really nice to have


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