A Tale of Two Sons – Darryl Scott Cook and Richard Lee Gill

I was notified Monday that my only son, Richard Lee Gill had passed away.  He was 53 years old.  He had heart problems and was a diabetic.  Richard was a 6’5″ giant of a man with not one mean bone in his body.  He had a heart of gold.  He never said bad things about anyone.  He was loved by many friends in the Corpus Christi, Texas area where he was raised by his Father and Grandmother.  He was known as “Tiny” by many of the beloved friends and I know that their hearts are now breaking.  He loved living by the water and his passion was fishing.  He loved to make fishing poles and had a talent for drawing when he was younger.  I have memories of the times I had been with my son.  He loved to make people laugh.  May he rest in peace.

In 2015 we lost Darryl Scott Cook, my husband’s first-born to lung cancer at the age of 51.  It is a difficult to lose your children while still alive, but it seems to be happening more and more these days to parents our age.  It has been a very difficult time losing Darryl because he was closer to us, but for Clay and I to have lost both of our first-born children within 15 months is difficult.  Darryl and Richard will be missed.

Time heals all wounds and we will survive this.  We will be bringing Richard home in the next few weeks and he will be placed next to Darryl’s Urn in our home.  It is comforting to know that I gave him life and now in death he will remain with me always.


30 Replies to “A Tale of Two Sons – Darryl Scott Cook and Richard Lee Gill”

  1. So sorry to hear; may you find peace and happiness in memories created with your sons. I will pray for your comfort during this difficult time.


  2. Having lost a child myself, I understand your pain. Parents aren’t programmed to handle the death of a child…..children burying parents is the more natural progression. Time does heal. We never get over it…..we just get stronger and learn how to deal with the anguish! Be strong and know you are not alone.


    1. Darryl was sick 14 months and during that time he was able to bond with him more than any other time – what a gift. Richard went quickly so no time before, but he is not suffering.
      Thank you for your comments.


  3. I too, am sorry for your loses. This blog post is a lovely memory of both sons. Praying for peace in your heart. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It seems that when I was young, this was not happening. But with the unrest in our world and health issues here we are. I think I am grieving…..I had just risen above the loss of Darryl and now this. Quilting is saving me. Thank you for your concern.


  4. Mis condolencias por la sensible pérdida de Sus Dos Hijos. Lo usual es que los Padres se vayan primero, pero cuando son los hijos los que se van antes, es simplemente tristísimo.
    Maru Reynoso
    Irapuato, México .


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