RSC 2017 – Beat the Clock!

Today I found a pattern that I really like and am going to use it for my RSC 2017 project!  YEA.  Happy To Be Scrappy  has the quilt on her Blog and I have been admiring it along with Gretchen.  So I did some research and Deb gave me some information on how she made the quilt and now I have finished 3 of the blocks this afternoon.  Now remember, I am not a scrappy person, so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

There is an off-setting block that will go with each block, but I am no longer “Wonder Woman” like I used to be and am calling it quits for today – the last day to post the Purple Blocks.  I am going to do something with my 4 patches, just not sure what!  Both Gretchen and I have added a quilt to RSC 2017 project.  It amazes me how we can start out on a project like this and then at the very end change directions.  But isn’t if fun to do!


I am now pleased with this and enjoyed making the blocks.  It is really a very easy quilt to make so I will enjoy the process.  I am going to try to make the 3 off setting blocks for the blocks and hopefully can post them on Tuesday.  Wish me luck.

Starting another project tomorrow Robin’s Nest by Karen Styles and hopefully I will be in the Applique mood tonight!  The next bi-monthly quilt will be the Quiltmania Mystery Quilt.  It will be a nice slow project and the first 2 blocks are reverse applique.  I am trying to find the background fabric that they are using, but of course the 2 places you can order them from US are not selling any of the fabric because they are only going to use them for the Kits.  DARN!

IF and I say IF, I can get caught up on my Stonefields,  Margaret Potts Quilt, and A Bountiful Life then I will start Rowdy Flat Library Quilt.  It is a very intense appliqued quilt designed by Susan Smith.  I have my fabrics, just need to double up on my quilting time!  Hummmm  guess I need to clone myself!

Have a great week-end.

19 Replies to “RSC 2017 – Beat the Clock!”

  1. Love your 16 patch blocks! The purples are so rich! I can’t wait to see the setting blocks and how your quilt will go together.


    1. Thank you, I love purple and then all the autumn colors. I am headed to the cutting table to make 3 of the setting blocks to make sure this is one I want to make. I am such a control freak on my colorways, so this is good practice to do more scrappy – controlled scrappy that is! LOL


  2. Lofty plans but I think you can accomplish a lot towards them. The Robin’s Nest design is a really good looking quilt. I have been so tempted by the Stonefields design but so many of the quilt blocks are ones I would not need a pattern for. Can’t see spending that much for the pattern because of that.


    1. Oh the dreamer I am. I need to spend more time in the AM on the Vitamin D lamp – more energy! It took me about 4 months to make the decision to purchase the pattern. I thought that the $90 for Sue Garman’s pattern was a lot…. I doubt if I would do that again.


    1. Yes, and so glad Gretchen mentioned it to me again. I have to really discipline myself because when I read other Blogs and see a great pattern, I want to make it right now! Dreamer that I am!


  3. I love your purple blocks. Scrappy can be hard. Good luck with all those quilts you have in the works. I sometimes want to clone myself also so that I can complete more crafts.


    1. Thx, Yes especially when one has a difficult time in just looking at fabric and seeing color and not paying attention to the design. That always messes my brain up! I need all the luck I can find on what I want to do.


    1. I had choices between Omigosh!, Ms Billings, Sweet Surrender, Di For Mountmellick, etc, but have been eyeing Robin’s Nest for a long time and decided that it would be the best to start first.


  4. Wow you are on fire, fabulous and I love what you are jumping into. When I get Rowdy Flats pattern I will start that too. I may give the Quiltmania mystery another look too. Keep going girl and have fun.


    1. Would you please tell my body that!!!! These 70’s are rough on us aren’t they! Maybe I can catch up on my applique (ha) and we can do one block together (Ha Ha) I figured on the Mystery Quilt that there is only 1 block a month and so far they are not that difficult (another HA) I have ONE fat quarter of the background fabric listed and have given up on using that one, but I do have 2 yards of another Penny Rose fabric that has small black and red dots and think it will work.


  5. I wish, it seems that each time I think I am headed to get on top of things Life Happens. I was hoping to clone myself as a 30 year old married and rich and quilting all day long! Darn.
    Have a great day.


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