Reaching My Goals for 2017

Greetings from South Texas where who knows what the weather will be – we are still in the warm Spring type weather!  Lovely high humidity and in the mid-70’s.  We are ‘expecting’ rain tonight, but then we have been expecting rain for 4 days!!!  So guess we will just continue looking out the window to see what happens!

I now have my great back brace, and I am really enjoying it.  It has made me realize that I have NOT been standing up straight as I have always done. I guess this comes with age and when we sit at the sewing machine, or standing at our cutting tables, we begin to slouch and ruin our posture.   Try to keep this in mind so that you do not end up as I have.

I have had the best 15 days of a New Year since 2014!!! Still trying to increase my walking and step goals to be over 6000 per day and I have kept up with the pace, although this morning I really did not think I would be able to do the 35 minutes, but I did and was looking for my chair when I finished.  But when you walk in 93% humidity sometimes it is just not fun!  Oh where is our winter for 2017!

Today I finished sewing the binding on the 5 projects that I quilted this week.  Somehow I did not get to work in my Studio on the binding the last 2 days – let’s say that it was “unforeseen” requirements that took over.  My goal is to have them all completed by Wednesday, if not before!

Ready for the binding to be hand stitched!
Ready for the binding to be hand stitched!

I am also determined to finish those lovely grapes and the bird’s beak on Block 5 of A Bountiful Life project!   There are a few areas where I am going embroidery a few short-short stems and one area where I am not interested in doing circles in bias twigs!  I will embroidery that area and just make it mine!  I wonder what I was thinking when I did the wings?  Probably pulled the yellow from the orange, but I like it!  My quilt will really be different from the others who have made this quilt in Reproduction fabrics.  I love my batiks.

A Bountiful Life Block 5

I have a clothes rack where I hang quilts that need to be quilted.  Now some of them have been begging to be quilted for a while, so as you can see, I must prioritize this effort.  I was going to quilt Threads of Memory, but decided to do all the smaller projects and work up to the larger ones.  I will send 2 of the quilts out for a professional job to enter in the SA Show this year.  I know that the Judges would absolutely count me off if I do my free motion meandering and I do not want to take the time to spend to learn how to become more proficient.  I am just hoping I can find an excellent quilter to do the job! I do not want a 2014 repeat, thank you very much!!!  (OH there is that purple monstrosity that I started 2016 with and do not want to work on it at this time – I need to put something in the baskets.  If I did not have so much time and money invested it would go away to the “never see again” basket called Trash Can)

Quilts In Waiting

For my next quilting project, I have decided to quilt a wall hanging from Lynette Jensen that I made during one of our trips to Arizona – which year….maybe 2012?  I need to embroidery some stars on the blue part and then it will be loaded and quilted!  YEA.

Oh Glory by Lynette Jensen

Now I must think of what I am going to do for RSC 2017.   How about Sue Garman’s OMIGOSH! – it is a highly technical and challenging project.  Do I want to make it a year-long project that will drive me nuts but would remind me of Sue who was such a wonderfully gifted Designer every step of the way?  She passed away in the last week or so and she will be missed by the quilting world!  I really am leaning toward this quilt as a project to work on during the day, but before I start I must study color placement and do a few test blocks to make sure that all will go well with the endeavor.  When looking for the Flag pattern I found an old Lynette Jensen Bow Tie pattern that might really be easier and more in tune to use the RSC 2017 project .  Of course I may also start Robin’s Nest for my piecing project.  Heck why not start all three?  I could really head for the nut house by May….

Well, have a great holiday if you are still working, if not, continue to enjoy retirement and quilting!  It has been so peaceful here today and I have accomplished so much this week!  I am hoping to sell my Husqvarna embroidery unit through one of my guilds this week.  Cross my fingers.  Someone out there might need it and I have only used it close to 40 hours since I purchased my Designer 1, only to find out I did not like it!

I am so excited about our 45th President and his Inauguration, I wish our country would come together and support him and his Amazing Cabinet selections.   He is going to be America’s President and support the great citizens of this Nation.

14 Replies to “Reaching My Goals for 2017”

  1. What a lovely way to start the day reading your blog this morning over a coffee, it was like reading a fun and very informative magazine full of lovely quilts LOL. Thanks for sharing your world. Glenda Down Under.


  2. Very nice projects, how exciting to have so many almost completes! I like the batiks on the bountiful life block, very cheery! I have the OHMYGOSH! pattern also. I haven’t started and probably won’t this year. I want to finish up some projects before I focus on this one. Those blocks are teeny-teeny-tiny. Besides, I haven’t decided what colors I want to use. The rainbow ones are lovely, but I’ve seen the pattern in civil war fabrics too. They were also lovely. I have her Sleeping Beauty and Ancient Stars patterns. I did come up with a paper pieced pattern for the Ancient Stars so that is probably the one I would start with, but not this year! Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a book!


    1. Now to finish the binding. Today evidently is going to be a Fibro day – so I think I will just sit and finish all the bindings and they will be DONE! I am now leaning toward the Bow Tie for the RSC2017 – cannot mess that one up! LOL. I do need a challenge in my piecing and I think OMIGOSH would do it, otherwise Robins Nest may be the next one! I am going to wait until I finish the bindings and load the Oh Glory on the long arm! Thx for the great comment


  3. What a lovely batch of quilt tops hanging on the rack. Some of mine hang in the sewing room closet. Smaller ones folded in crates in theat closet.


    1. They just hang there and hang there and I am tired of them hanging – LOL. My first quilts are in this group. 2 of them will definitely go out as they will go in the SA show. I have had this clothes hanger since the 1980’s.


  4. You better be careful! Sometimes when quilt tops are too close together they breed! LOL I just purchased a longarm with robotics. If you’d like me to, I can practice edge-to-edge on some of your non-show quilts. I need the practice and you can save some cash! Don’t forget I’m just down the street, 🙂 Kay has my number if you’ve lost it.


  5. You are on a productive roll Nanette. Love your clothes rack. Lots of tops to do. I have a bunch too. Love what you have done so far. Glad you back brace is helping so much. We must do what we do and that is how we roll. Love your blog.


    1. Can you please send winter? Today is a sit and bind day, until Mr Fibro goes elsewhere!!! Gave into a ‘no walk’ day – only made it to the gate 1 time and back in Studio trying to find my brain – the fog is heavy this AM. Have a great day!


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