Halloween Mini-Shop Hop and Turning Older!

Happy belated Halloween.  Everyone celebrates this day and it just so happens that it was my Birthday!  This year for my birthday I wanted to do a mini shop hop since I missed the McKinney quilt store.  My plan was to go visit the Blanco Textile Store ** in Blanco, Texas; One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg, Texas, and Creations in Kerrville, Texas.  All of the shops are located in the Texas Hill Country.  I have been to Creations numerous times, but not the other two shops.  Of course, I meant to take pictures of the shops and fabrics, but duh…. just having too much fun!

** Sorry but for some reason I cannot hyperlink to the Store – If interested, just google the Blanco Textile Store in Blanco Texas!

I did not find any fabric that I needed at the Blanco Store.  They have some great fabrics, but I was on the hunt for Civil War fabrics. I  hit pay dirt in Fredericksburg at One Quilt Place.  They have a fabulous selection of Civil War.

After the Austin Quilt Show in September Jan and I visited the B&B Quilt Store in Buda, Texas.  At the Austin Show I purchased a few pieces for Rowdy Flats and some more stash building to go with the black and white toille from Material Girls Fabrics located in San Angelo, Texas.

When I arrived home I received my birthday care box from Jaydee and what a great birthday gift she sent me.   Two great books, a Chicken Block, some coordinating fabric, and 2 Marti Michell Log Cabin Rulers!  What a wonderful gift from a very dear friend.


One Quilt Place has a very large selections of fabrics from the Reproductions to Civil War, Batiks, and others.  This was a first time visit and I really enjoyed it.   Creations is well known for having almost any fabric you would want.  From a very large selection of batiks to a ton of Kaffe Fasset and Civil War.  It is such a fun store to visit just as One Quilt Place.   Be sure to check out Material Girls Fabrics on-line.  I always enjoy talking with Kristina whenever she is at one of the local quilt shows.  She specializes in Reproductions, Toilles, and other goodies.  Very pleasant and wonderful customer service from all.

This was the best birthday I have ever had.  A big thank you to Clay for suggesting that we do this on my birthday when the McKinney quilt store fiasco happened last month.    I know that he enjoyed the day as much as I did and I loved shopping and looking at all the new fabrics.

I have been working on my Circa 2016 quilt and plan on putting more of the blocks together today.   I am hoping to start working on quilting the backlog of quilts that are hanging in my Studio.  I would love to hand quilt my Circa 2016 and show it next year in the San Antonio Quilt Show.

Thursday I will finally get my RF back treatments (they cauterize nerve bundles that stop sciatica pain) and will be back to my regular schedule and no more pain for another 6 months! Saturday I will start my walking routine and finish Circa 2016.  It is so tempting to move to other projects, but I am determined to finish this quilt and get some more quilted!!!

I am going to work on my hand applique while recuperating and of course watch the political happenings.  Better than a movie (LOL).

Have a great day and enjoy stitching.

11 Replies to “Halloween Mini-Shop Hop and Turning Older!”

  1. Those fabrics are truly delicious! Pleased I’m not the only one who hoards! My intention is to make all sorts ……one day!
    Cousin Carole


    1. Apologize for not replying sooner. I need to beg to live another 20 years….. What a difference the killing of the nerves has made! I am back to quilting projects. Long 2 months.
      Reference the fabrics – now I have to wash them! darn! then iron them! Darn, but so much fun.


  2. I’m so glad you had a fun day, I sure hope your treatment works and you get relief from your pain. Then you can get to work on that backload of quilting that needs to be done. I can’t wait to see those quilted quilts. Blessings, Gretchen


    1. Talk about feeling better!!!! Only had 2 bad days and even walked yesterday and today – what a mood booster!!! When I finish Circa 2016 (hopefully by Tuesday) I will hand quilt it. It is coming along very nice – I love it – a quilt pattern that did not have any errors! First for me!


  3. My daughter was almost a Halloween baby. She arrived on Nov. 1st. A late Happy Birthday to you. I like the blue and white serpantine piece of fabric that you purchased. And the toiles are wonderful.


    1. I am back to normal. I will probably have them cauterize those little puppies (nerves) every 6 months now because again I waited too long! Looking forward to Tuesday – I hope I will be happy this year……..Will miss the group from Arizona but maybe we will take a trip out there and stay in a hotel with cooking facilities for a couple of weeks!


  4. Nice to have a birthday that is easy for everyone to remember! 🙂 One of my niece’s is the day before and I never forget hers. You have had a nice one…lovely fabrics and gifts! : ) And so glad to hear that you’ll be pain free going forward.

    I answered on my blog but you’d asked about the pattern for the quilt that I am currently hand quilting. There is none…just me making it up as I went along 🙂 Central star was a Jinny Beyer block, then I made hexie stars around that, six inch spools were next, and applique templates either found on the Net or drawn myself, more hexies, etc. I just played around/ ditto for the hand quilting 🙂


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