Here Comes Grammy

After much contemplation, I decided to make the Grammy Squares from Sew’n Wild Oaks.  I felt so guilty about putting it aside (LOL) that I decided to make one block to see if I wanted to REALLY do this!


The block measures 6 1/4″.   The fabric is from a Moda line fat quarter pack from 2010.  Then a year or so ago I made a Happy Scrappy quilt  with Rosemary Youngs.  I changed mine around from her pattern thinking I would use a lot of fabric and ordered more of the fabric.  It is absolutely amazing how little fabric goes into a quilt when making it scrappy!  Here are the fabrics I am going to use.

imageand more ….


This bundle is not very well organized so I will do that tomorrow before I start cutting fabric.   My plan is to cut out 10 blocks for Grammy Squares and sew them along with my Dresden Heaven.  This way I will not become bored!!!

I will now have projects ready to work on while I load a quilt on the long arm and when I get tired, I can go the sewing machine and work on these 2 projects.  Happiness is being NUTS, but I seem to be having fun and excited that I have so many choices, quilting, piecing quits, and working on my applique at night!

What more could a quilter want?  (30 years to make all the quilts that are waiting in the wings). Have a great evening.

10 Replies to “Here Comes Grammy”

  1. I like the Grammy Squares too. They all beautiful! Have you ever made any quilts that you were disappointed in when you finished it? Happy sewing! Blessings, Gretchen


    1. Well, yes, and recently I gave them away – they were UFO’s One was a group of blocks where I participated in a block exchange (never again) and the other was a Fig Tree pattern of LARGE houses. Just did not like them. I think Grammy and Dresden will keep me busy for awhile.


  2. Do you store all of your fabric stash in the wire carts? I had one of those carts a long time ago but no longer have it.


  3. Go to my March 2014 Blog and you will see one of my rooms in the Studio (play house for hubby and I) I have the set of Elfa Storage system and I put a nice heavy piece of mahogany for an ironing board – love it. On the other side of the room is where there are 3 more rows of Elfa drawers. It was a splurge but when we added the larger room to the Studio I wanted to make sure I had plenty of storage space. You will see the other room also on that post.


  4. Your block makes me want to take up making hexie shaped log cabin blocks. And your fabric choices -very lovely. its good to have alternative types of work to do. Quilting works your mind and body one way and stitching another. Good plan!


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