Brinton Hall is coming along!

I am still in the “cabin fever” mood!  Darn Fall cannot get her soon enough – I was hoping that the latest disturbance in the Gulf would at least bring rain and some cooler weather, but no here we are in the 99’s forever (at least it seems like).

In my last post about Brinton Hall, I was going to take the “easy way out” and just make one corner of the hexagons and then use the same colors on each of the corners.  After looking at the middle hexagons (top and bottom) I realized that I did not think saving time (and creative energy) would be the best thing to do.  So here is what I have come up with.

I surrounded each large hexagon with the main colors of  the flowers and first row of hexagons for each large hexagon!  From there I tried to incorporate colors that blended, ending with the green as a “final border”.  It took some time but I am so glad I did it because I really like the results. Because I have changed the design of the outer hexagons, I have changed the pattern.  Rather than having a space between the center medallion and the last row of hexagons I will sew them all together and then sew them on a background.

I had wondered if there would be anyway I could have just fixed a “border” for the outer hexagons to be sewn to, but realized that the middle would not be stable while doing that and more than likely I would have “bubble” problems.   I had contacted Karen of Faeries and Fibres on problems that I might encounter with that idea, when the light bulb went on in my head!  I would use a piece of muslin, and ONLY baste it to the border that would show!  Then I will not have to cut out the fabric, just rip the basting stitches.  So here is where I am now, the quilt is on the design board and I need to sew each corner together.  I will start by taking each row and sewing them into strips, label each row for placement, and then work on them in the evening.  I have taken a picture of each corner as a precautionary measure for insurance of the mind!  LOTS OF HAND WORK IN THE FUTURE!


Final Setting for the Medallion Center of Brinton Hall

I also realized that by changing the pattern I had to add two rows of hexagons on the top and bottom or it would not look right – Duh!  I may still have to do some more re-designing, hopefully not.   The bottom row is ready but I still need to place colors for the top row.  That will wait until I can get the hexagons stabilized because I fell into a reactionary mode by not leaving enough room at the top for additional top rows.  (Guess too many years working for the government – LOL) Wish me luck – any heavy breathing might start a free fall of hexagons and that would not be fun to redo this project!

Have a great day and do some stitching and quilting!

8 Replies to “Brinton Hall is coming along!”

  1. I have the pattern for Brinton Hall but haven’t had time to start it. I like what you’ve done – I may try something similar. I think the very scrappiness of the original is what’s stopping me (nothing to do with having about 6 tops on the go of course!) you’ve inspired me to start thinking of fabric choices for this pattern, I hope there’s some cooler weather on the way for you.


    1. Thx Elaine, I always hope to inspire a quilter. I love my batiks and made about 400 of the hexagons in batiks. I am going to redesign the entire quilt. I already have the blocks that I will use rather than the pattern in Quiltmania. I think the quilt will turn out well enough to show next year. There is a trick to making the large center so let me know if you decide to do it – I think last year after July on my Blog I showed how I did it. But Karen H at Faeries and Fibres Blog is the one who has the tutorial on it. I may have done mine a little different, but basically I used her directions as a baseline.


    1. Thank you Gretchen. You know me – no wild scappy quilts! LOL. This morning I gently took the corners down from the design wall by taking each row within each corner set) and labeling them and putting them in small plastic bags that I found last year in Arizona. So they are now ready for stitching. The top and bottom hexagons were a bit more challenging, so I took 4 pieces of batting and moved the hexagons (in order) to the batting and they were gently carried into the house for stitching. I took the center off the design board and it is put away until I get the corners sewed.

      Now off to make a quilt called Grammy Squares by Lynn Wilder – a neat technique that I have never done before. I am thinking I may make it with my 1930’s that I was going to use for FD (and never will) or the Moda Flower Garden fabric from 2010. Anyway time to make something ‘SIMPLE’ but fun.

      Have a great day – today is 105 heat index and so it goes…… until maybe end of August and hopefully September will be a cool down month!


  2. Yeah…you don’t want a wind to come along and blow those hexies around! i can relate to your cabin fever-we also are 99 degrees every day and HUMID! thanks goodness for ac and fans.
    I just love your arrangement of your hexies. your colors are too wonderful and i am glad you figured out a way to make it work (also a legacy of underfunded government work)!
    Very nice!


    1. I was able to take the entire thing down and they are now “waiting in line” to be done. Not sure when I will get to them, but at least I know where I am going with it. Thx for the comment.


  3. Your hexagon piece is coming along very well. I think I would have to be actually making it to understand all you are going through with the changes but I do like what I see.


  4. I started this process last year – think it was in late summer. It was a process alright! I enjoyed working with the EPP but then as in all projects, more is better and then I do not get bored. I can hardly wait to get out of this oven here in South Texas. It is just too hot to even want to go out for a day of something different. Have a great day.


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