Blogging when the brain is not engaged and Brinton Hall

Well, here we are the next day and I realized that I did not add anything about my Brinton Hall.  Today is such a better day than yesterday.  I am now certain that Mr Fibro and Mr Weather Changer got me but good this week along with Mr Reflux – darn it! But Zantac 150 saved me today – thinking about taking one a day until Mr Rebound Reflux goes away!!!!!  I hate losing a day to my hobby when I cannot find my brain or my tummy hurts!

So here we go for another update!  My Brinton Hall has been ignored long enough!  All I need to do is to finish the center medallion hexagons and I can go on with my re-design of the quilt.  I would love to have it ready for show next year (being the dreamer that I am).  I have it back on the design board and filling in the remainder of the hexagons to square it.  Then I will sew the medallion to a background fabric – oh joy – another fabric color decision!

Here is a picture of the center medallion hexagon placements pattern that I am now working on.  This pattern is from a Quiltmania Magazine.

Brinton Medallion Pattern

As you can see the top and bottom of the medallion requires 10 hexagons to fill in the “empty” space.  I thought that it would look good to use the colors that were closest to the large flowers (color coordinator from the 1960’s).  I will sew them together last because after working on the corners I may have to change the color selections – we will see.

Brinton Hall Medallion Top Hexagons
Brinton Hall Medallion Top Hexagons
Brinton Hall Medallion Bottom Hexagons
Brinton Hall Medallion Bottom Hexagons

Being the “UN-scrappy quilter” I am, for the 4 corners, I selected one section and then decided that I would use the same colors for each of the corners.   I am hoping that the corners will look OK because I am not doing what I did with the top and bottom group of hexagons.  (Hum I wonder if this is a wrong move – I may need to rethink this)  (It may look better if I continue on with the “matching” of colors OR go scrappy with the top and bottom hexagons – time will tell.)  After I selected my colors, I stacked them in 4’s, labeled them (hopefully I will not screw this up) and put them in order in my handy-dandy Plano fishing tackle storage container. Love those Plano’s!

Hexagons Ready for Sewing

Now I am ready to sew each row together and then the corners (4 times).  If I try to go with different scrappy on each corner  (probably like most quilters would do) it would be too unorganized for me.  Oh well, another technique to work on next year, but so far I am doing much better with scrappy that I used to be.

Next on my list to select a piecing project to work on during the day.  I am bound and determined to get that long arm going as I have 6 tops PLUS  to quilt.  It is nice to have a quilt loaded and when I get tired I can sit at the machine and sew on another project.  I have 5 applique projects going now and no time for boredom there, just do not need to start another one although it is tempting!

Have a wonderful week-end, stay cool as winter is around the corner!  2017 is 5 months and 1 day away!!!!!!!!!  Are we happy yet?

8 Replies to “Blogging when the brain is not engaged and Brinton Hall”

  1. Hi Gretchen – missing your posts! Thx for the compliment. Yes as I was doing the post I thought – oops – may not work well, need to go back and put the one corner of hexagons up next to the quilt to see how it looks! It is so funny how one day things look good, then the next day, OOPS. Have a great week-end. Hope the weather is not too hot.


  2. I was happy to read this post! I am mired on the medallions; I did not pay close enough attention to the minimal directions, and sewed a row of cream hexies around each medallion – WRONG! Now I have to remove all of the cream hexies, and do it correctly. Then I can proceed with finishing the rest of the center! I had planned on a mixture of hexies to fill out the center, but now that I have read your post, I think I will make sure that I include a number of compatible hexies near each medallion. I will be watching for your re-design of the rest of the quilt! I ended up making 2 sets of medallions; one is all paisleys, and the second set is all florals. In one quilt, I will loosely follow the original plan, possibly changing some blocks for others used in the original borders, but the second one may well have a uniform 1 block pattern for the rest of the quilt, with lots of variety in terms of compatible prints. Such fun!


    1. Glad that you like the idea of sewing a row of corresponding colors around the white around the large medallion hexagon! I am going to have to break down and start over on the corners. I hope that I have enough of the right colors to do what I want. I must have made over 400 hexagons just using up the batiks that I used around the large blocks….I am going to totally redo the pattern with different blocks and borders. I love the original (found it on the web), but the blocks that the lady used in the remake are not what I would want. Have a great day and thank you for commenting.


    1. I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it in the magazine. Not sure how long it will take me to “get with the program” and complete it, but it will be fun – especially sewing all of the medallion to a background fabric…..Fun Fun Fun. Have a great day.


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