Stonefields, Bountiful Life, and Civil War Bride Progress

Here we are  at the end of July 2016!  WOW!  Only one more month of hot weather and maybe we will all have a Fall Season that will begin in September!  We have had a break in the 50 days of no rain and now are 5″ richer.  Tomorrow the hot weather will return and I am hoping that the air will be a little dryer and not quite so humid, but who knows.  I would have never guessed that we would have rain at the end of July and it is good that we are heading into the hottest month with green grass.

I am experiencing a “little” cabin fever with this hot weather, just the opposite of cabin fever that can hit in the winter.  Maybe it is the weather change this week, but I have no desire to do anything, much less start a new piecing project, or start quilting on a quilt.  Maybe tomorrow will bring me some drive and the desire, but for now it is movie time and work on some hand applique.  We were scheduled for a trip to Durant, OK for 2 weeks, but somehow we realized that sitting in a 36 foot fifth wheel in 100 degree weather would be even worse than staying home.  At least we have the Studio to come to each day and work on our hobbies.  So that trip will be in September (darn) but it was the smart thing to do!

I have completed my current (not counting today’s) Circa 2016 blocks, finished Block 4 with CWB (Bountiful Life for me) and began working on my medallion on Brinton Hall quilt that I started late last year.

Bountiful Life Block 4
Bountiful Life Block 4

Cathy has finished Block 5 and progressing very well.  I like the fabrics she used for her block and the changes she made.  Remember – she is making this quilt with  10 1/2″ blocks – you go girl!

Cathy's Block 5


Here are my  Circa Blocks through the 22nd of July.










Stonefields Segment 4 is WIP, but I have finished 6 of the 12 blocks for this segment.  I incorporated some new fabrics and made the “mirror” block the same, but fussy cut 3 different flowers from Barbara Brackman’s Ladies Album fabric.

Stonefields Block





The center has the same hexagons as my background fabric! Looks like it belongs together – LOL

Well, this is it for now.  Maybe tomorrow will bring a better day – I am still dealing with the lovely “acid rebound” from quitting the Aciphex.  It is getting better, but a very slow progress.   I am hoping that by September things will be even better!  Have a great day and keep on stitching!  Stay cool!


10 Replies to “Stonefields, Bountiful Life, and Civil War Bride Progress”

  1. Try almonds for the acid reflux. Not as effective as Prilosec, which I’ve been on since Aciphex, but they really do soothe at times. I’ve had relief from roasted as well as raw.


  2. Pioneer Woman is opening her mercantile the end of September, maybe you can swing by and get a T-shirt or hat or something……


  3. I like both birds in the two bird blocks. But especially the blue and green bird. Brilliant colors and perfect fabric choices.


  4. Your stonefileds blocks are just lovely. Your fabric choices are perfect. I would really like to see all the blocks you have made for stonefields together so we can see your creative vision for the final quilt. Most stonefields (mine included) tend to the pastels so yours is more unique. You are making the pattern come to life at a point when I abandoned it and doing so with perfection.
    We like the same quilts. Your version of the civil war block is also great. I like your circa blocks also even tho that is something I would never make.
    Very nice!


    1. I may do that and post them together. I wish I were a more “pastel” color person, but am mostly drawn to earth tones. Blame my Mother on that one…. No pink dresses in my closet, well there was 1- 20 years ago! LOL. I have also changed some of the blocks because they were just too “off the charts” for me. Such the perfectionist I am. I really like the quilt especially since it is in segments – not so overwhelming. I was shocked though to receive the pictures of her work and fabric selections…….For the price, I decided I had better make this one – I would like to have it finished for the San Antonio show next year, along with Brinton Hall and CWB. Any bets?

      I wanted to continue to do different things and I really do love the small blocks – they are pretty simple – lots of HSTs. Easy and fun.

      Thank you for the comment.


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