Circa 2016 Medallion is on the design board!!!

I have finally accomplished what I said I was going to do!  Start on Circa 2016 and yesterday I posted some pictures of a few pinwheels and 5  – 9 patches!  I knew I did not like where I was going with the fabrics and rather than “rip” a 2 3/4″ block, I started over with them using different fabrics.

I kept the original 5 patches (too small to rip!) and looked for additional fabrics to add some movement to the quilt.  I am using my Michael Miller Krystals for the background fabric and the border is a dark chocolate Dimples!  I am really loving this version.  I set the medallion on the design board to see how the background fabric and the darker 1 1/2″ bord would look!  I love it!  Tomorrow I will sew it together.

Change in Pace Circa 2016 Medallion

It is such a good feeling to start on a project and see the fruits of one’s labor immediately.  Applique is wonderful and my first love, but there is nothing like piecing for “instant” gratification.  I will now start on the quarter square blocks and continue to play the “catch up” game with the other quilters who are working on Circa 2016.

By the way, anytime I start the chocolate cravings I know there is a strong weather change coming down the pike and it is here.  We are having rain all this week, so best to sit and sew, and watch the rain from my nice bay windows!  Have a great evening!  I am Happy Happy Happy!

8 Replies to “Circa 2016 Medallion is on the design board!!!”

    1. Thank you Gretchen, I am really enjoying this and did the right thing changing the fabrics – mainly I added different ones other than the main focus fabrics. Have a great evening.


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