Changing in Mid-Stream and the “Getaway”

Greetings.  We are back early from our “7 day planned trip” getaway, but we decided that we had just had more fun that we could handle so we came home yesterday.  There might be some serious storms in the area later in the week, so we probably made a wise decision to come home early.  I did get tired of feeding those machines and would rather purchase some fabric (of which I did this morning).

So here I am back in the Studio cleaning up the email, etc and heading for the other room to cut out my Temecula Circa 2016 quilt blocks!  I have realized that I have been stressed trying to do 2 blocks a month on CWB and with the stress of the “small remodeling job going South” problem, adding the CWB really got to me.  Anyone who has made an Album quilt (needle turn applique) knows that it is time-consuming and can be stressful.  I did not realize I was stressing over it until the night before we left for Durant.  I am almost through with Block 3 and MAY try to finish it by next week, but I am going to take a month off from that project and see if I can get back into my “groove”.

It is very interesting how quilters  to do so much with their time.  But when it becomes a chore, I am “outta” there for awhile.  I think this is what happened to me when I started my Capt Aust baltimore album quilt a few years ago.  I really do want to complete the CWB, but not with time frames of having to work on 2 blocks a month!  So I will start a new block in the next month, but for now I have 5 quilts that need to be completed (at least the tops put together).  Cathy and Lynn are continuing on and Jaydee is, of course, way ahead of us with her 10 completed blocks.  She has been embroidering on those finished blocks and as soon as I receive her pictures they will be posted!

Cathy has been working on Block 4 – She has changed this block to have a dog and a squirrel.  I think this is going to be the cutest block – The dog looking up at the Squirrel.  So creative Cathy!  Look at all those beautiful leaves to applique – Whoopee!  I think this will be a favorite of mine!  It takes time to make these changes and Cathy is really doing a great job!

Cathy's Block 4

I am really enjoying the BAS Margaret Potts’ BOM.  The blocks are small and doing one per month is fine.  Easy to complete one small block compared to a 14″x 14″ block loaded with lots of “pieces”.  I have not completed my block for May yet but will soon.  I have changed that block to do some EPP rather than the small “Dresden” flowers.

Jaydee has gone back to her original blocks and incorporated some embroidery.  I am re-posting her pictures to showcase her hard work.   Nice accent work.  Makes the pieces pop.  Jaydee is using Kona fabrics for her quilt.

Block 11
Jaydee’s Block 11 (Embroidery Added)
Block 30
Jaydee’s Block 30 (embroidery added)
Block 31
Jaydee’s Block 31 (embroidery added)
Block 32
Jaydee’s Block 32 (embroidery added)
Block 12
Jaydee’s Block 12 (embroidery added)

So off to the sewing room – I have 6 more Alexander Bean Pot blocks to make and will be preparing the blocks for Circa 2016.  Since we are just about half way through this year, I really need to get serious about my projects.  Also, Clay and I will be taking some day trips just to have a change of scenery.  We may head to Kerrville, Texas next week to visit Creations Quilt Shop.  This is a premier shop in the Hill Country of Texas and so much fun to visit.

Till next post, have a wonderful Memorial Day week-end and stay safe!


5 Replies to “Changing in Mid-Stream and the “Getaway””

  1. Glad you had a fun time away. I understand about a project not being fun anymore; it’s fine to take a vacation from a project. Summer has finally arrived in northern Indiana. We’ve temps in the 80’s today and is supposed to be that way for the rest of the week and into next week. It sure beats cold and ice! Blessings, Gretchen


    1. The 4 days were just what the “doctor” ordered! Summer is here in South Texas also. It was 79 with 96% humidity today…. I think we will have a hot and humid summer. Can you believe that it is almost June AND summer solstice is less than a month away – 6 months to Christmas!
      Thx for your comment, and I do feel “free”! Take care


  2. The embroidery addition on the blocks add so much interest. Please share with Jaydee that I like the blocks very much.


  3. Thank you Karen for the compliment. Sometimes a little embroidery is kind of like frosting. Keep on stitching.


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