Changing My Mind – Again!

Tomorrow Clay and I are going to journey to Belton, Texas for the bi-annual Ham Fest for Amateur Radio Operators.  A Ham Fest is like a Quilt Show to Quilters!  I have always enjoyed going with Clay – fun to talk to the guys and to look at the equipment they bring to sell and the newest radios on the market.

There is a neat quilt shop called The Sewing Basket,  located in Salado, Texas and YES I will be visiting them.

In the meantime, I wanted to update a Block Change.  When I work on a project, as I finish each block I put them on my design board to study. I put the 4 blocks from the Margaret Potts quilt on the design board and my eyes kept coming back to Block 11. It just did not “pop” and I knew that it was the “pink fussy cut” flowers that did not blend with the large flower. I knew then I needed to go back to the original rose petals that I had cut out for Block 11. I think this looks much better than the first version. I will be a little more selective next time. I am sure that when we Quilters do not feel good that it impacts our fabric selection – especially with Applique.

A Redo of Potts Block 32
A Re-do of Potts Block 32

Have a wonderful week-end. I am going to take my CWB along just in case it gets “boring”. I am behind on CWB and need to catch up. Life is good!


6 Replies to “Changing My Mind – Again!”

  1. Clay originally had his license in the 1960’s and let it expire as his life went on. After we married in 1996 and I went through 3 back surgeries from 2000 thru 2003, in 2002 he decided (during a recoup for me) to study up and take the tests over again. He did and has been active since then. We have met some great people through the groups. He spends time with his group from 6 to about 7:30 AM and then in the evening they talk for 45 minutes or so. The guys are great and it was fun years ago to learn all about the radios and the supporting amps, etc. Clay builds amps, and modifies almost every radio he has to improve it. It is a great hobby for him to add to the long list of his hobbies. There is nothing this guy cannot do. He is amazing. Thx for your comment


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