Goodbye Baskets – Hello Civil War Bride (CWB)

Greetings from South Texas where we are in Spring Time!  I really missed the winter that was predicted – cold and rainy!  Oh well, try again next year.
Today I did a 10 hour push and finished the Basket of Scraps quilt now called Empty Purple Baskets!  I did not think I could stand another day of this quilt!  Ever feel like that when working on a project that could cause a quilter so many problems?  It feels good that I do not have to think about this one for a while maybe NEVER!  I am thinking that I may hand quilt this one someday!  I do not think it is show quality because there is minimal color movement in the quilt and I was not going to spend any more time on it appliquéing stems and leaves.  So the baskets are “empty”.

This is not the best picture of the quilt, I just wanted to take it and get this albatross off my design wall.  The quilt is now hanging on the “to be quilted rack”.  It may stay there a long time! Needless to say I am very disappointed in it!  The lavender background is overbearing but I chose that fabric in the throws of wasting my original fabric which was a pretty tone on tone!  Oh well, lessons learned ALWAYS do a practice block and if it does not come out right – throw the pattern away!  If I had not already completed 350 2″ 4 patches, I would have done that!

Empty Purple Baskets
Empty Purple Baskets

















Tomorrow I will be starting the preparation work for Civil Ward Bride – FINALLY after 4 years of wanting to do this quilt!  I am only 5 days behind schedule in getting 5 blocks prepared and ready for applique,  but who’s counting!  I have the Basket headache gone and it will be fun working on CWB!

Have a blessed day and am looking forward for Super Tuesday – There will be winners and losers – isn’t this fun?

6 Replies to “Goodbye Baskets – Hello Civil War Bride (CWB)”

    1. Morning Karen. The main pattern will be the Lost Boy Quilt by Barbara Korengold. She followed the original quilt but changed the border. Then I will use some of the animals from Patricia Cox’s Folk Art in NYC. Threadbears (Australia) CWB has some things I like also. The 4th pattern that I will take from is A Bountiful Life – Karen Mowery. The Lost Boy quilt blocks are 20 14″ x 14″, Pat’s are a little larger and only 9 or 12 blocks, Karen’s have a Groom block, and the Australian version has 11″ x 14″ block. I am going to enjoy this project as I will have other quilters quilting along with me. You can google the names of the patterns and see the differences. Thx for commenting.

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  1. Finishing a quilt top is always a relief, no matter whether it has caused problems or not! Can’t wait to see your Civil War Bride blocks. Applique will be a nice change for you. Have a good week! Blessings, Gretchen


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