Happy Valentines and Baskets of Scraps

Happy Valentines all!  Enjoy a day off of cooking and have a box of chocolates!

Well, Baskets of Scraps and I are almost through having so much fun together!  In the last 2 weeks since my last post I almost  gave this project away to anyone but me.  I decided to bite the bullet and really do a push and finish it because I already have so much invested and I am glad I did.

Yesterday I completed all baskets except for sewing the top and bottom together of each block (the top part is for the handle).  Then I will have to hand applique the handles.  So today is sewing the two pieces together (20 blocks) and cutting out the bias strips for handles.  Then this project will go into the “evening applique” stack.  I was going to do some flowers in the baskets because I am changing the patter a bit.  But now have decided to just use some of the vines and leaves in each basket – trying to cut down the work.  I would have enjoyed this project so much more if I had not had issues with the wrong cutting sizes but this happens.

I have 2 blocks completed.  When I put them on the design wall I realized that without flowers in the basket, or vines and leaves, or something to make it pop, that the quilt would be boring.  I like the deep purple batik that I have chosen for the border.  It should tone down the glaring background fabric.  This is the fun part in working with a quilt – adding design changes.  It means that creativity is working!  This quilt may have a new name when I am through with it.

2 Completed Baskets
Baskets of Scraps


Ready to Sew BoF
Ready to be sewn together and applique a handle!


Stack of BoF
The final 18 Baskets to sew together and add the handle and leaves and vines.

I was so happy when I finished the baskets yesterday afternoon.  But was so shocked and saddened by the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  What a sad day for our Country and for his family.  We may never see one as brilliant as he.  He was loved by all – even those who did not agree with his decisions.

I have completed all the hexagons I needed to start working on Brinton Hall Medallion.  I will also start preparing my blocks for Civil War Bride which a few of us will work on 2 blocks each month (boy what a dreamer I am!)  I am thinking that it is time to get with the long arm program and quilt some of my quilt tops that have been ignored for the last 2 years.  It should give me a nice break from what I have been doing.  I must now decide on whether or not to start Dear Jane, or go forward with preparation work for Sweet Surrender.  If I am not careful I will be swimming in applique work and probably drown.  I told Clay yesterday that I am so happy that we left Arizona early – my 2016 has been very productive!

Have a wonderful day!

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