Progress is Going on in Texas

Greetings to all.  The Hill Country Cedar is in full swing and I think I will go cut some trees down!  The good news is we are about half way through the lovely blooming season.   One little note – no Asthma – I quit eating eggs and the wheezing went away!  Yea!

I have been making a lot of progress with my 2016 projects.  E. Sitar’s Flower Garden is beginning to take shape.  I still have to sew 5 of the diamonds together but was able to get all prepared for that stage.  I am using Eliza’s Indigo fabric line for this quilt and am so glad I purchased the Fat Quarter Bundle.  I was able to do the diamonds with the different colorways using the same pattern – that worked out well.

Flower Garden Medallion B1
Flower Garden Medallion B6


Flower Garden Medallion B5

Flower Garden Medallion B3

Flower Garden Medallion B2

Flower Garden Medallion B4

Sure does feel good to be the 19th of January 2016 and I am accomplishing so much.  I am almost through with preparing Segment 3 of Stonefields.  Now it is time to do some Applique!

Have a great evening – hoping to have some more of my projects completed shortly!

9 Replies to “Progress is Going on in Texas”

  1. All of the blocks will really be beautiful! I’m glad you found out that eggs were triggering your asthma! Enjoy your warm weather while we freeze here in Iowa!!


    1. Took me long enough – I was eating quite a few to get the vitamins and minerals I need.
      Now to just sit down and do some hand work! Putting those diamonds together are hard on hands! too much repetitive work – (good excuse to start sewing on the machine!)


  2. Nanette,

    I just talked with Kay and found out you gave me some fabric – – – that’s awesome! I will be going to Seguin on Feb 1st and 2nd to work with Kathleen on some stuff, so I’ll pick it up then. Thank you so much for sharing. Anytime you want to lighten you fabric load, I will be more than happy to take it off your hands. Just let me know and I’ll come and get it.

    I enjoy looking at your projects on “A Passionate Quilter”.

    Thanks again,


    Sent from Windows Mail


    1. You are most welcome. I will look for some more that I will never be able to use! I know you will do something great with it. The fabric is from the Bew Braunfeld Cotton Mill that closed in early 2000!


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