Happy New Year – Still Working on the Old and Bringing in the New for 2016

Happy New Year!  We arrived home in Texas on Christmas Day.  We made a mad dash for home with the El Paso Blizzard following us. We left Whetstone, Arizona on Christmas Eve and spent the night in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  It was cold!  We left at 8AM and we were scheduled to spend the night in Fort Stockton, Texas on Christmas night and head for home on Saturday.  But when we realized that we would arrive by noon and just sit there until Saturday morning, we kept on going and arrived at home at 7:20PM – a 651 mile trip pulling a 36 foot 5th Wheel that was probably overloaded.

We were very blessed on this trip home because when we went to unload some things out of the 5th wheel on Saturday morning we had a flat on the Dually!  No wonder the truck acted like it was dying on the last 50 miles!   Now a week later, we are now back to our normal routine.  The weather here in our area is dark and dreary and raining.  For me I love the weather like this – Cold, Wet, and 100% quilting weather!

I have made myself a promise now that we are settled back into our normal life that I will Blog each week with updates on my projects. Since my last post I have finished Segment 2 of Stonefields and started a Christmas Table Runner and Placements – YUP – bought that pattern and fabric 2 years ago so now it will be ready for Christmas 2016…. why be in a hurry?  If I finish this in the next 2 weeks it will be the first time I will have a nice table runner and place mats for Christmas!

We had a wonderful trip, but will not go back to Arizona for the winter again.  We have been doing this trip for 15 years and it is time for a change.  We have decided to do shorter trips during the year and stay put for winter time in Texas.  I can hardly wait to go to Durant, OK for a good gambling trip!

Here are the blocks for Stonefields, Segment 2:

Stonefields Segment 2
Segment 2 of Stonefields All in a Row!

The top two blocks were really difficult to achieve perfection – so I did them twice.  The second time I used my EQ7 software and redid the block pattern.  They came out perfect the second time.  The original pattern was not drawn to scale and it caused the stars to be off-center.  The lower left blocks with the little flowers were fun to make, although when I realized the hexies were 3/8″ I thought they would be the most difficult to do, but they turned out to be the most fun!  Here are the blocks close up.

Blue Hexie Flower Block
Blue Hexie 3/8″ Flower Block
Red Hexie Flower Block
Red Hexie Flower Block
Christmas Placemat
Christmas Place Mat

I purchased the pattern in Durant, OK in 2013 on the way to Arizona.  The Table Runner has 5 candles with the Christmas Balls and has a shadow fabric for the back of the candle which is really neat.  When I finish that I will provide the pattern information.  Fun and easy project for Christmas 2016!

I have an impossible list of projects for 2016 – none of which will be on-line BOMs.  They served their purpose for me last year, but that was then and this is now!  Here is my list (hum…..) wonder which one’s will be finished this year?

1. Civil War Bride (There are 3 (maybe 4) Ladies who will be doing 2 blocks a month starting in February or March and I will be posting the progress of all each month!  If you have the pattern and would like to join, let me know).  There are no set rules or time constraints with this project.

2.  Brinton Hall (Quiltmania Project)
3.  Flower Garden  (Edyta Sitar’s Handfuls of Scraps Book)
4.  Baskets of Scraps (Edyta Sitar’s Handfuls of Scraps Book)
5.  Dear Jane (Brenda’s)
6.  Stonefields
7.  Stars and Sprigs  (Kim McLean)
8.  Sweet Surrender – Australian pattern (waiting for the mail impatiently)

There is a “maybe” project – 9.  Farmers’ Wife 1930 (There is a BIG maybe on this one – there are issues with the .pdf files).  As I previously posted, I purchased the book and all the fabric, so I have already invested a lot of $ for this project.  My friend Cathy sent me 3 books on 1930’s fabrics for Christmas and they are great reads.  They will be a great help if I decide to use the fabric on another quilt.

I also would love to start on Di Ford’s 2013 Mystery Quilt  but of course who knows.  I realize that there is no way to complete all, but I am going to at least get started on all of them and do not think I will get bored.  This will be the first time I will run projects concurrently – should be fun or I will slide into oblivion world of “ex-quilters”.

My friend Jaydee, sent me a piece of fabric of Peacocks.  She was working on The Morrell Quilt and had a couple of the birds left over.  When I received them I immediately could see a Medallion coming down the road… The birds are so pretty.

Jaydee's Peacocks
Beautiful Peacocks

Have a wonderful 2016 and remember, Life is short, Friends are Few, and God loves us!

16 Replies to “Happy New Year – Still Working on the Old and Bringing in the New for 2016”

  1. The pattern is called Holiday Lights by Kate Mitchell Quilts They used the Stonehenge Starry Night fabrics from Northcott Fabrics. They are quick and easy applique. I guess one could do fusible applique and finish them quicker. I just love the needle turn applique.
    Thx for commenting.


  2. Well, I have E. Sitar’s Flower Garden and Baskets of Scraps started, along with Brinton Hall, and Stonefields. Hopefully the next 7 days will provide peace and tranquility and no interruptions and I will make the progress I want to make. I hope Hird cleans up the Farmer’s Wife 1930 sampler so I can work on that one.

    You are my idol when it comes to finishing a project! Love that Dear Jane. Mine will look so different, but who knows, I may do a 2 color one. Less to think about.


  3. Good post. You have been busy when you read it all. Glad you are home and working at your projects. Glad you like the peacocks. If I listed all of my do dads around here I would pass out. Maybe if Ilisted them it might get me going. Happy New Year Nanette.


    1. Thank you Ms Jaydee. I figured I would meet my goals or be in the nut house – one way or another this is going to be my YEAR! As the youth of the day would say, I DESERVE IT! LOL
      Listing things at least keep me focused AND reminds me I do not need another pattern or piece of fabric……….LOL…. no bets on this one!


  4. Love the table runner. That’s going to be beautiful. Glad you are back home to Texas! Tell me more about Durant and gambling??? Al and I might be interested in a place within driving distance. How does it compare with Eagle Pass?


  5. Hubby is Choctaw and a member of the Choctaw tribe. He has his CDIB card so we always go to the Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma about 35 miles from the Tex/OK border on Hwy 69/75. They have just recently finished construction on another beautiful hotel.
    I love the Choctaws. They are such wonderful caring people. Never been to Eagle Pass and that is just too close to the border for me. There is another large Casino in the Chickasaw country located on IH 35 North – we want to go there this summer and try our luck there.


  6. I have admired the Stonefields blocks on many blogs and each person’s choice of fabric seems to look good in the blocks.


    1. Thank you, I usually post each block separately. I love working on them, especially in the segment format. I believe there are about 13 or 14 blocks in each segment – that way it is not overwhelming. The pattern was expensive but worth it.


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