Projects Completed – FINALLY

WOW – one would not think that it would take so much time to download, upload, and write a Blog.  I think that I will NOT let so much time go by again without doing a Blog!  What a zoo!  The previous Blog took some doing – especially when in the middle writing and download pictures the Jet Pack decided to kick me off my internet!

Back to the subject matter of Quilting!   I recently moved my 1941 Singer 301 (named Blackie -so original LOL) into the Den from the Studio on its beautiful Singer Table!  Now I can sew in the evening if the desire hits me.  It was getting too crowded in the Studio.   Here is a small project that I have finally finished.  It is going to be a cover for my Singer 301 machine at home.   It is a Pat Sloan pattern and boy did I make it wild-looking!  I want to add another border to complete it, but not sure what I am going to do.  Thinking of doing some HSTs for the last border!  It will need something.

Singer 301
1952 Singer Sewing Machine on a Table made from the          Singer Treadle Cabinet
Singer 301 Cover
Blackie’s Cover made with my favorite – BATIKS!

The other finished project was a quilt that I had made in 2008 (I think) for our California King at home.  I finally had it quilted (pantogram) 2 years ago and this year I threw it on our bed in the 5th wheel (binding not finished) and last week decided I had better get it done!  Finished.  Rosemary Youngs is way ahead of me as I still have 5 more to hand bind when I get home that were quilted in 2013.  The fabric was from Hobby Lobby.  It was the last of the fabric that I had purchased from a “non-quilt” store.   I started making pin wheel blocks and realized that if it was going to be on a large bed I had better start being creative!  I had a block left over so I covered the pillow.   I really like the way it turned out!  I do wish I would spend more time on documenting my quilts.  Each one has a different story to tell and if I did that “someone” in later years when I am gone would have a good story to read about each quilt.  Lesson Learned – Document each project for the future owner.

Pinwheel Quilt
Pin Wheel Quilt – Designed by Nanette

I am getting ready to start working on new projects.  One of them is the Farmers Wife 1930 Sampler.  A lady in Australia started a sew-along and Marti Michell provides conversion charts for her templates along with the 2 blocks each week.  Of course, being of not so sound mind the last 18 months, I thought I would join in!  UNTIL last week when I realized that that there was a new Farmers Wife book – not the one I brought along (the 1920 Sampler one).  Talk about playing catchup…Click on the link to the right to see what it is all about. There are over 4,000 quilters taking part.  Now the fabric they are using is nothing like I will use – not my style or colors.  AND because I did not realize it was 1930’s (duh – head in sand problem) all of my Aunt Gracie fabric is in my Studio and I could not (for some unknown reason) drag the Studio along on this trip.  So it will be made with Reproduction fabrics, OR it will be shopping time in Sahurita, Arizona at a great quilt store.   I am hoping that the next 5 days will be quilting days with no interruptions of stopping to go have fun – DARN!

I am making myself a promise that 2016 WILL be a more productive year for me with my quilting.  I miss showing my work in the Quilt Shows.  I have shown in Sierra Vista and in Tucson but they have moved their shows to February and March and we are usually home by then.   I do have 2 shows in Texas in 2016 and I would like to have 4 quilts ready to show!   Vacation time from Quilt Show Stress is also OVER!

Have a great week-end and enjoy life – even if there are some pits in it.  Just spit them out and try a seedless grape – no pits there – Until next update!


10 Replies to “Projects Completed – FINALLY”

  1. I have been wanting a Singer 301 but I really don’t have a place to display it. But maybe I could squeeze it in somewhere.


  2. I have overloaded my Studio, but the Den had room, otherewise I was going to be an “overloaded” sewing machine quilter. I reall love you DJ quilt. I am so impressed and you inspire me to get with it! Thx for your comment.


  3. Your Pinwheel quilt is so pretty, doesn’t it feel good to finish up old projects? The sewing machine cover is going to be really sweet. I should make a cover for my machine, but just never get around to it. Can’t wait to see what your Farmer’s Wife blocks look like. I said no to this sew along. I’ll be going Nearly Insane in January.


    1. There is no other feeling that I love than when I complete a project! Even if it has not been quilted! When I first started the cover I almost threw it away as I thought it would not look good. Ever have that feeling about a project and then when finished you are really glad that you did not do that. LOL. I am waiting for the book to get here and then I will do a catch up. This week I will go to the Desert Patch quilt shop and maybe a fabric line will hit me other than Repro or Batiks for that quilt. They are using too loud of colors for my brain. Such a control freak I am….Thx for the comments.


  4. Hi Nannette, I know it’s been a while! It’s been a very bumpy time this year with many things not going the way they should. Plus, my mood has been very rocky as well. Not making for a happy person also wanting to finish off a few of my quilting UFO’s either. But now I’ve caught the bug and want to sew and can’t!

    Some how we got disconnected and would like it, if we could email each other like we use to providing you would like too? Well I love Blackie she looks adorable and probably sews like it too!. I don’t know whether you knew it I also did the same wall hanging that you have finished. Got some photo’s if you would like to see. Unfortunately mine is still one of those UFO’s as my good quilting machine’s tension is out of sorts and needs to go into the shop. So I am hoping I can put that money aside and get it there next week! Well I hope I hear from you again. Best wishes Julie Beard


  5. Love the sewing machine cover – it is soooo cute! It really feels good to finish a project and that pinwheels quilt deserved to be finished. I love how the fabrics look like stained glass. They absolutely glow!


  6. The sewing machine cover is very cute! I used to have a collection of antique sewing machines and now regret parting with them. Love the table. Came by way of Esther’s Quilt blog and will be sure to return!


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