Blogging Vacation

It appears that I will be taking a Blogging Vacation!  Weather is getting better although hot in the afternoon.

Today I put my “big girl pants on” (as Jaydee would say) and went to the hand doctor to obtain some relief from the left hand that keeps swelling.

I have a ganglion cyst (it is in the tendon will require surgery to get rid of it – had one on the right hand a few years back so I will do this  next year, thank you), carpal tunnel syndrome (even after surgery in ’98) tendinitis of the wrist, and a carpal joint sprain…. I am so glad I went in – they tried to drain the cyst and I agreed for a Steroid shot – BUT told them to only give me 1/3 of what he would give others.    The left hand will be in a brace for approximately 3 weeks so not sure how easy hand work will be.   Now I am only in 1/3 of Cortisone Psychosis!  LOL  The shot will help to get me through the next 6 months.

We are preparing for our trip to Arizona.  We have a scheduled arrival date, but could be delayed a few days (Unforeseen Requirements have appeared – anyone understand that one?).  Will know next Friday if we will stay on schedule.  Our house sitter will love it here while we are away.

I am going to start getting my projects together to take along and as always, it is difficult to chose from all the projects I want to catch up with.  We also plan to do a lot of fun things.

I just ordered Stars and Springs – a Kim McLean  pattern Here at Glorious Color.   Looks like fun and close to the Stonefield’s type of quilt.  This will be stars and applique and not an expensive pattern.

Well, I will take pictures as we journey to AZ and share them with all.  Take care and have a great September.  Looking forward to winter and hopefully some snow.

I will be up and blogging again before you know it!  Pictures of the long long long road on IH10 from South Texas to El Paso!  Lovely trip.

8 Replies to “Blogging Vacation”

    1. This pattern really caught my eye. I already had the right hand done in 2010. Then all of a sudden in 2013 the left hand started a cyst. Hopefully the steroid shot will calm it down. If not I will get the surgery done next March. Need both hands now for the fun and games at the Casino. LOL


  1. Well the Steroids are here. Previous post is mine (of course)

    I made rice for hubby tonight. I put the rice in the cupboard wher the measuring cup belonged! This is a good reason to not Blog! LOL


  2. Hand is doing better trying to get used to the brace restricting activities. Thx for the comments and am starting to get my winter projects together for the trip. I sure am hoping to see some snow this winter.


  3. sorry to hear about the cyst. my son had one when he was a boy. I think my husband has one now. Enjoy your trip. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It is a joy to be able to watch my grandson but it makes quilting take a back seat these days. But he will only be little for a while.


    1. We will be going to an altitude of 4000 + feet – The hand is doing better, but I am betting that when we get to the higher altitude it will cause me problems again. May have to have them take it out if it dones. Oh Joy — Cysts tend to do that.


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