Happiness is Making Small Blocks and Preparing for a Long Awaited Road Trip

Welcome – and NO it is not winter here in South Texas.  We are still dealing with some 100 – 102 plus a nice heat index.  BUT I do believe that next week, we might have a weather change and our temp’s will return to a more normal and maybe cool off in the evenings.  80 at night is not my cup of tea.

We are beginning to prepare for our annual trek to Arizona for the winter – Yes – South Texas Snowbirds going to Arizona and the Huachuca Mountains. When we started spending the winters in Arizona, other Snowbirds could not understand why we would want to leave South Texas during the winter – IT IS CALLED CEDAR ALLERGIES!  I am so happy that this week-end the RV will be moved from the storage cover and the “fun” begins.  The “fun” is of course cleaning the inside and outside and start making the “list” to load.  One of my favorites times is preparing for a trip.  Love it.

I have been working on Brinton Hall hexagons for the center Medallion and have many more to complete and I will need to sew them all together soon!

Last week I decided I had overloaded my Studio with a Rocker/Glider and my Singer 301 which sits on the “Singer Treadle” table. So we moved both to the Den.  Now if I  want to do some evening sewing in the house, I have a machine available.  I have not spent much time with my Singer 301 and it will probably be next year before I do.  I have been using my Singer 401a this summer and have become very familiar with it.  For the trip to Arizona I have decided to take my Husqvarna Sapphire on the trip.  Hope this is a good decision, might take my featherweight as a backup and when I go to a group sewing or workshop.

I have also been working on my Churn Dash and Alexander Bean Pot blocks and really enjoying them.  I am using Party of Twelve fabric for both of the quilts.  I make 4 of the 5″ churn dash blocks and 4 of the 4 1/2″ Alexander blocks with each fabric from this line.  Having fun.  I am not sure how the quilts will turn out because I plan on designing the setting (at the end of course)!  I set the 4 blocks on point on the design wall and I think this is an interesting setting of the blocks.

Alexander Bean Block On Point


This is not how the block is set in the original pattern, but I am playing with different ideas.  I love the block and have the technique down perfect!  I think that this could turn into an interesting design.  Click HERE to see the Alexander Bean Pot quilt I made last November.  Interesting how the blocks can make different designs.  Below are some of the Churn Dash blocks that I am making.  I love this block, but the alternating block in the pattern just did not appeal to me.  Therefore, I am going to make bunches and bunches of them and see what comes out of all this work.  I am really enjoying working with the small blocks!  This block goes much quicker than the Alexander Bean Pot….Probably the 1 1/2″ Square in a Square corner block!

Churn Dash Blocks

I put some of the blocks on the design wall  on point and set the blocks to see if it would look good as a scrappy quilt.  Think I may be on to something (not sure what, but something!)

Churn Dash On Point

I set four of the blocks together (same color) to see the effects.  This is interesting also.

One Color Churn Dash On Poing

For now is all I have accomplished in the last week or two.  Life does has it way of getting changing our schedules doesn’t it?

Take care and enjoy each day!


4 Replies to “Happiness is Making Small Blocks and Preparing for a Long Awaited Road Trip”

  1. Your work is looking good and I always love churn dashes. Glad you are getting ready to go and see a new area for quilters and quilt shops. Keep on sewing.


  2. Thank you for your comment Esther. I love your Blog and hope someday to make one of your beautiful quilts!…….Right now the Casino noise would be wonderful – then there is no brain work going on – just losing money!


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